Why do men want Bastien Gonzalez pedicures?

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Why do men want Bastien Gonzalez pedicures? While speaking with Lori  Kruk Director of Spa & Wellness of The Oriental Spa at the Landmark Mandarin Oriental, Lori told me that the Bastien Gonzalez pedicures where total sell outs, and a surprising large amount of the clients are men, well over 60%.

Bastien Gonzalez pedicures

A good pedicure can be very relaxing and if you have foot problems it can be very therapeutic. During a typical day, feet endure a cumulative force of several hundred tons and because healthy feet are vital to overall health. The average person walks approximately four miles every day or 115,000 miles in a lifetime. When someone is engaged in strenuous activities, the miles increase.

A pedicure promotes foot health in a number of ways. First, the cutting, clipping and cleaning of the nails is extremely important because it prevents nails from growing inward and causing an infection. Second, the sloughing off of dead skin cells from the feet prevents the dead cells from accumulating and causing painful bunions or corns. Removing the dead skin cells also allows newer skin cells to emerge and give the feet a smoother and softer feel.

Finally, the foot massage portion of a pedicure is very important in promoting foot health because it increases circulation to the feet. Increased circulation improves agility in the feet and reduces the pain that results from being on one’s feet all day. It also maintains the health and performance of foot muscles.

Albin Brion - " Pedi:Mani:Cure Studio” at The Oriental Spa

Albin Brion – ” Pedi:Mani:Cure Studio” at The Oriental Spa

Bastien Gonzalez pedicures

Here is where The Landmark Mandarin Oriental, Hong Kong, brings Bastien Gonzalez’ acclaimed treatments to the city with the launch of its “Pedi:Mani:Cure Studio” at The Oriental Spa. Gonzalez discovered his calling after a serious ski injury left him in physio and podiatry therapy for six months. Fascinated, he immersed himself in podiatry and moved to Paris to study the science behind it. During that time, he also perfected his glamorous and unique approach to pedicures and manicures based on three fundamental pillars which leave hands and feet smooth, baby soft and callus free.

Bastien Gonzalez pedicures

-Skin treatment: the key to Bastien Gonzalez treatments, gently removing corns, calluses and painful thickening of skin without damaging the epidermis.

-Nail beauty: any nail concerns including ingrowns, fungal problems and other issues are treated before they are strengthened, reshaped and buffered using special tools like miniscule drills tipped with diamond dust, and a unique polishing technique inherited from his grandmother with chamois leather and a pearl buffing cream, resulting in greater blood circulation to the nail and a brilliant natural shine.

-Re-foundation: a relaxing massage which is performed from toes up to the knee, and from fingers up to the elbow. As each muscle group is massaged individually, it eliminates tension and improves blood circulation, muscular flexibility, joint mobility and skin elasticity. A special technique re-plumps the fatty cushion on the balls of the feet, helping to absorb the impact of walking.

Albin Brion – ” Pedi:Mani:Cure Studio” at The Oriental Spa

Bastien Gonzalez, founder of Bastien Gonzalez said, “We are committed to offering only the best in terms of quality, service and product which is why we decided to partner with The Landmark Mandarin Oriental, Hong Kong. The Oriental Spa’s chic clientele are extremely cosmopolitan and are satisfied with only the best in luxury and we are sure that our treatments, performed by Albin Brion, one of our master podiatrists from France, will delight all the guests.”

Bastien Gonzalez pedicures

Guests trying the treatments for the first time are recommended to try “Bastien Pedicure” performed by studio manager Albin Brion (HKD 1,190), a 60-minute overall pedicure with a nail treatment, the ultimate in luxury which will leave guests feeling like they are walking on clouds.


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