Vdara Hotel & Spa Enhances Guests Experience with Interactive Tablets

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Vdara Hotel & Spa Enhances Guests Experience with Interactive Tablets. Continuing to redefine the guest experience with modern-day convenience. Vdara Hotel & Spa teamed up with Crave Interactive, a cutting-edge guest service software company. To install digital tablets in all of the resort’s 1,495 luxurious suites. The tablets serve as the digital command center for each suite. Offering an array of guest services that include in-suite dining, spa services, show tickets and access to the latest hotel information and activities. For added convenience, tablet docking stations double as charging stations for multiple devices. As well as a sound system that guests can connect to via Bluetooth.

Vdara Hotel & Spa Enhances Guests Experience with Interactive Tablets

“The installation of these tablets allows us to maintain our exceptional level of service while evolving to meet the modern needs of our guests, said Mary Giuliano, general manager of Vdara Hotel & Spa. “They also eliminate the need for paper directories and marketing materials in the suites, which is in line with our commitment to sustainability and ensures guests are receiving the most up-to-date information.”

The installation of Crave tablets at Vdara follows the successful deployment of more than 4,000 interactive tablets at ARIA Resort & Casino. Which is the world’s largest installation of in-room tablets to date. Vdara’s tablets offer the same straightforward user interface. Providing an approachable and accessible design with a wide breadth and depth of capability.

Vdara Hotel & Spa Enhances Guests Experience with Interactive Tablets

Gareth Hughes, Crave Interactive Founder and CEO, said, “We’re delighted to build on our success at ARIA and add Vdara to our list of prestigious clients. There is no doubt that Crave tablets are appreciated by guests. Whilst increasing revenues and improving operational efficiencies. In addition, our analytics helps our clients understand their guests like never before. We’re on a mission to revolutionize the guest experience whilst banishing the use of paper within hotel rooms.”

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