URBAN RITUELLE has a tea ceremony

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 URBAN RITUELLE has a tea ceremony, ” Tea for two” is how the song goes, well Urban Rituelle has taken this time honored ceremony of drinking tea into a celebration of the best blends that your senses will just drink up.  At the recentInternational Gift Fare Melbourne the Urban Rituelle pavilion was just buzzing with positive energy, they presented their new Tea Ceremony Collection to buyers looking to inspire their senses, and those of their customers.
Urban Rituelle’s inspiration comes from the heart of their founders Leanne Haining and Scott Kellyand its infectious, Jacquie Hocking heads up the communications the totally go to girl for all things Urban Rituelle. We start with  The Tea Ceremony  this is an exquisite new collection that blends the finest botanical extracts & herbal infusions, so that you experience the beauty & nostalgia that is the “Tea Ceremony”.  With a total of six products in the line from an intensive Body Lotion all the way through to a take me anywhere Perfume Oil.
A collection of four masterpieces, White Peony & Rose Buds is a soft & sophisticated infusion of delicate white peony buds, a splash of fresh melon & a flutter of pretty rose petals. Turkish Rose & Vanilla, Jacquie says this is popular choice an enchanting blend of sugar dusted rosebuds, delicately infused with a drizzle of vanilla, blooms of jasmine & just a hint of powdery musk. Hibiscus & Cranberry  a sparkling blend bursting with sweetly tart notes of hibiscus tea, a splash of super juicy cranberries, finished with a twist of lime & crushed sugarcane. Finally Green Tea & Citrus Twist a light, crisp blend featuring the delicate earthiness of aromatic green tea, the freshness of cucumber & a dash of zesty lemongrass to finish.
Scented Offerings is a selection of scented premium soy wax candles that can burn up to 55 hours and will inspire your senses, adorn your home in scented ambiance. Handcrafted in Australia using pure natural wax, each luxurious candle draws on a rich blend of scents specifically designed to amplify your sensory state. Embrace the simple ritual of lighting a scented candle & create and fragrant sanctuary that will awaken your spirit & ignite your heart & mind.

URBAN RITUELLE has a tea ceremony

Available in 7 fragrance blends: EUPHORIA; an exhilarating scent of fresh Guava & Lychee for a feeling of complete bliss, HARMONY; a blissfully sweet, comforting aroma of creamy Vanilla to nurture your heart & mind, BALANCE; a sweet, sugary scent featuring Fresh Fig & Melon to bring a sense of perfect harmony, WISDOM; a crisp, uplifting blend of lemongrass & sweet grapefruit to bring focus & clarity to your heart & mind. CREATIVITY; a fresh, uplifting scent featuring the sweetness of Pink Grapefruit together with zesty Lemon to help you harness your creative side. INSPIRE; a rousing, floral scent featuring fresh Hyacinth layered with sweet, powdery Mimosa to awaken your spirit & ignite your mind and COMFORT; a completely soothing blend of Sandalwood with just a hint of sweet Tangerine to calm your mind & warm your heart.
Urban Rituelle is an experience that Leanne Haining and Scott Kelly want you take with them, you won’t get left behind, these two people care too much about your senses, the kettle is boiling lets have some tea.
 URBAN RITUELLE has a tea ceremony

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