Schmidt’s Naturals sensitive skin deodorant line with new scent innovations

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Schmidt’s Naturals, the natural product brand leading the charge to change the way people think about deodorant, is taking on underarm skin sensitivity with the expansion of its award-winning Sensitive Skin deodorant line. Made with innovative plant and mineral-derived ingredients such as magnesium and arrowroot powder. The line expansion introduces three innovative fresh scents.  Coconut Pineapple, Jasmine Tea, and Lavender Tips, and provides a smooth, creamy formula. That is ideal for those with sensitive skin and want to avoid controversial ingredients like aluminum and propylene glycol in their underarms.

Since its launch in 2010, Schmidt’s has become a must-have for those that prioritize using natural products in their routines. The brand is known for its inspirational messaging. Contemporary design, and effective formula innovations in the natural product category. However, possibly most cherished for its vigilant commitment to listening to customers’ wants and needs. The Sensitive Skin line is a direct result of the brand’s devotion to meeting consumer demands.

Schmidt's Naturals sensitive skin deodorant line with new scent innovations

Schmidt’s Naturals sensitive skin deodorant line with new scent innovations

“Schmidt’s is made for the people. When we first came to market, it was to fill a void of feel-good, Great smelling, natural deodorant that actually works,” says Schmidt’s founder, Jaime Schmidt. “Our customers are a sounding board for product creation. They want a quality sensitive skin deodorant that doesn’t cut corners on ingredients or effectiveness. We’re giving it to them.”

The star ingredient of the Sensitive Skin formula is magnesium. The precious natural mineral is essential for the body’s daily functions . It works to help neutralize acidic odor-causing bacteria. When combined with plant-based powders and Schmidt’s all-star list of natural ingredients, the resulting product keeps users feeling clean and dry.

The three new scents provide an engaging sensory experience for Schmidt’s consumers. Transport to a tropical island with Coconut Pineapple. Unwind with the spa-like aroma of Lavender Tips, or drink up the sophisticated scent of Jasmine Tea. The three newcomers are in good company with existing fan favorites Geranium Flower, Tea Tree, and Fragrance-Free.

Schmidt’s Naturals sensitive skin deodorant line with new scent innovations

“The success of the Sensitive Skin deodorant line speaks volumes to Schmidt’s growth and customer-first model,” says Schmidt’s chief global strategy officer, Michael Cammarata. “We are excited to continue to expand our product offerings with new innovations and be the fastest growing deodorant brand in natural.”

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