Ugg boots take to the streets in four high-fashion cities

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Ugg boots teen fashion

Ugg boots teen fashion

Fashion debates rage about wearing ugg boots outdoors. Every winter fashionistas explore opinions from love to hate about this hot topic. Many insist uggs Just Don’t Belong on the street, while others say there’s no better footwear for getting around the city in cold weather.

The ‘uggs as daywear’ argument may never be resolved, but one thing is certain, to be fashionable and street-friendly, your ugg boots should be –

1. The right colours, to match your outfits
2. Strong, to survive city surfaces

Genuine, sheepskin ugg boots began in Australia and New Zealand, which means they were designed ‘tough’. Australian Ugg Boots manufactures and sells the real thing – the original ‘unisex boot’ – in 13 fashion colours.

So that’s style and strength taken care of. Now, let’s take a tour of four cities where ugg boots are worn by the world’s most fashionable women.

First stop: Hong Kong

Ugg boots are popular streetwear in Hong Kong. Temperatures in this city are generally warm, but as soon as the temperature dips for winter, the ugg boots step out.

Hong Kong women love giving fashion everything they’ve got, whether it’s matching the latest magazine layouts or dressing to stand out from the crowd. Colourful uggs or boots with studs or a flash of animal print give the ladies of Hong Kong their chance for individual expression. Hong Kong women even love their ugg boots with a heel, to take them from day to night in comfort.

Touchdown in New York

Ugg Boots first became popular in coastal America as a way to keep warm after winter surfing. They soon developed a new purpose – and shock-value – when they reached fashion capital New York. They’re now among the most popular outdoor footwear during freezing New York winters, especially after celebrities were snapped wearing uggs to run errands.

Locals Jennifer Aniston, Megan Fox, and fashion icon Sarah Jessica Parker are some of the big names who helped stir fashion commentary squabbles about the ‘rules’ for wearing ugg boots on New York’s fashion-conscious sidewalks.

Whatever the reaction, ugg boots are everywhere on New York streets, with the feeling of wearing them being described as ‘like walking around getting a pedicure all day long’.

London Calling

London is a big fashion influencer with one of the coldest winters, so it didn’t take Londoners long to appreciate the appeal and head-turning potential of ugg boots as a street level accessory.

Famous Londoners have embraced the trend, with Harry Potter actress Emma Watson and model Kate Moss among the boot’s high-profile fans. The style is popular with teenagers and young adults who wear them to copy the celebrities they love.

Along with raincoats and umbrellas, many Londoners have added ugg boots to their must-have accessory for providing comfort against the city’s miserable weather.

The Sydney Scene

Sydney and Melbourne were the first cities in the world where the humble ugg boot was unleashed as streetwear, many years ago.

You’ll see ugg boots worn in the suburbs and the CBD during a Sydney winter. The most loved style in Australia – for men and women – is the classic short, chestnut brown boot, which hasn’t changed much in decades.

However, ever since uggs stepped up their look with colours and new designs, the Australian public has moved with the times and adapted to wearing uggs with a proud sense of fashion. Sydney women are likely to own more than one pair to switch between outfits ranging from lazy leggings to weekend wear and with casual dresses too.

Authentic ugg boots have global appeal

Ugg boots

In the coldest cities the argument for wearing uggs on the streets is helped by ranges made from genuine sheepskin with hard-wearing soles (some are even built for hiking) and others with water-resistant surfaces – like the leather-finished Stealth Tall Boots.

You don’t even need to take to the streets to buy real Australian uggs, because no matter where or how you decide to rock them, you can order yours online for quick delivery almost anywhere in the world.


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