TONIC grooming system a perfect gift

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Christmas will be here sooner than you can slap on a layer of moisturizer. Believe it or not but it is actually time to start Christmas shopping! TONIC Grooming System solves all your shopping woes for the special men in your lives, providing subscription-based custom skincare that makes it all so simple, especially for those who simply don’t know how to take care of their skin. This thoughtful and heartfelt gift will show the men in our lives how much you care. Men are notorious for neglecting their skincare just because it can all seem so complicated. It doesn’t have to be that way though. With TONIC Grooming System, they have made it so simple, making it hassle-free for any men.

TONIC grooming system a perfect gift

How TONIC Grooming Kits work in four simple steps:

Step 1: Subscribers will complete a short skin-type assessment on the website.

Step 2: TONIC reviews each assessment and recommends a handful of carefully selected products from various skincare brands. The simple grooming system is customized according to the subscriber’s skin type and concerns.

Step 3: The TONIC Kit is sent right to the door free of charge. Instructions on when and how to use each product are provided with stickers to mark each step of the way, so there is no confusion, whatsoever.

Step 4: TONIC follows up with each subscriber within the first 30 days to help assess how compatible their current kit is with their skin or lifestyle and helps make adjustments if needed.

TONIC grooming system a perfect gift

TONIC grooming system a perfect gift

These four simple steps is the beginning of the journey to younger, lasting skin. The subscriber will get a choice between the Minimalist Kit, featuring a cleanser, exfoliant, day moisturizer with SPF and night moisturizer. The Quintessential Kit is designed for men who are more detailed in their grooming habits, it features all the basics plus additional products such as toners and serums.

Men’s skin is biologically designed to be 15 years younger than women of the same age, they naturally do not find a need to take care of it. Women however, start taking care of their skin at a young age, so when the 15 years grace period is over, men’s skin deteriorates at an exceedingly high speed.

TONIC was created to encourage men to take a preventative approach to taking care of their skin without the hassle. Everything is laid out for them and even delivered to their steps at no extra charge. The frequency of the replenishments will be adjusted to fit the subscribers grooming habits.

For a limited time, from now until November 30, 2015, Christmas gifts from are eligible for a 15% discount upon purchases online, by inputting discount code ShopXmas.

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