Today’s the day for India and Cosmoprof India Preview

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Buyers, retailers, professional representing national chains, spas, salons and luxury boutiques — have already registered for COSMOPROF INDIA PREVIEW! Today, we start a series of interviews to our first registered attendees and exhibitors to let you know more about India beauty market and COSMOPROF INDIA PREVIEW!

Our first Q&A is with Samir SRIVASTAV – CEO, Jean Claude Biguine Salon & Spa, INDIA.

  1. Which are the fast-growing trends and products within hair and beauty in India?

The Indian beauty market has seen a strong affinity towards Western adaptation across hair and beauty segments. Trends as well as brands that are global are seeping its way through in India.

Today’s the day for India and Cosmoprof India Preview


Spurt in ‘Natural & Organic’ hair and beauty products devoid of chemicals are making way into this industry.    Consumers are inching towards ensuring sustained beauty regimes with international brands that offer both, in-salon services followed by home care products


Male grooming products and services are gaining fast momentum. Specially in the urban metros of the country.    The market is predominantly moving towards professional shampoos. Hair care regime of shampoos – conditioner – leave in is becoming a staple for the urban consumers.  Fashion colors such as the green, purple, reds are picking up a global trend. Traces of which are widely dominant in the Indian market too

  1. Do you think that an international brand can compete in India? Any suggestion for a new international company willing to enter the market? How long does the registration process take?

Yes, he can, because there is an aspiration in the Indian consumer to try western products such as Mac cosmetics, Olay, L’Oréal. For a brand/company to find a strong foot-holding in the Indian market. The company must look at investing in understanding the Indian consumer and her behavior and cater to her needs through adaptation.

There are many international brands which can compete very well in India. As they can deliver a better-quality product with only a slight difference in price. There are many brands wanting to come to India, in both the professional and the retail segments. The registration process can take anywhere between 60-90 days. Upon submitting all the documents and provided there’s no discrepancy in the documents.

Moreover, the process has become extremely transparent with the registration. Taking place online offering greater access and visibility to the international counterparts.

  1. Are there opportunities for international OEM/ODM/Packaging companies to become suppliers for local brands?

Yes, there are several and huge opportunities for international OEM/Packaging companies in India, as they bring forth with them international trends, innovations and new methodology of packaging.

More so with packaging in India, they would be able to reduce their overall cost to consumers in turn benefiting the consumers on perspectives of cost and greater access to international hair and beauty products.

  1. Let’s talks about Cosmoprof. Why do you think that Cosmoprof India is an opportunity for Indian companies and distributors and for international companies?

In the last 5 years there has been a significant increase in visitation of Indian companies, media and representatives to the international Cosmoprof. This has stemmed from the increasing demand for international products from the end consumers with a greater willingness to try and buy the same. Also, Cosmoprof offers a huge networking platform. For retail professional, brands and companies within the beauty industry. To learn and adopt new trends and techniques.

Today’s the day for India and Cosmoprof India Preview

The event offers opportunities to Indian companies. To discover innovative ingredients, cutting-edge components, technological advances. Helping them develop new products or upgrade existing ones.


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