SkinPerfect Primer SPF30 Dermalogica

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I sneaked a peek at Dermalogica’s SkinPerfect Primer SPF30  at the Sydney International Spa & Beauty Expo, and wow was I blown away, this is now one of my favorite products to use, the first sense of touch from the fine polymers that prime the skin are just too divine for words. The primer glides effortlessly across the skin, leaving a surface that is both moisturized and in top condition as a pre-foundation treatment. SkinPerfect Primer SPF30 is a totally Age Smart investment your skin.

SkinPerfect Primer SPF30 Dermalogica

SkinPerfect Primer SPF30 Dermalogica

The process of aging skin is a complex one and involves many factors including free radical damage and a decrease in hormonal production, which result in skin literally becoming less integrated. Elastin and collagen lose their malleable strength, causing creases and fine lines to develop while pigmentation becomes inconsistent, resulting in spots and splotches.

Demalogica’s, new SkinPerfect Primer SPF30, which combines cutting-edge professional skin care technology with a polished cosmetic effect to smooth, protect and condition skin while correcting surface irregularities and creating a luminous finish. Worn alone or as a foundation prep, SkinPerfect Primer SPF30 delivers both skin health and cosmetic benefits as a post-moisturiser/pre-foundation treatment to help even the texture of the skin as well as delivering critical SPF protection against skin-ageing UV light. Natural earth minerals blend away discoloration and enhance luminosity, while polymers prime the surface with a soft, matte effect and create greater adhesion for make-up on the skin’s surface. The result? Longer lasting and more consistent make-up wear.

SkinPerfect Primer SPF30 Dermalogica

In addition to filling in visible surface imperfections, SkinPerfect Primer SPF30 addresses the underlying causes of skin aging. The potent mix of antioxidant White Tea, peptides and Sodium Hyaluronate protect the skin from further damage while stimulating collagen replenishment and helping to hydrate. Physical sunscreens provide an SPF30 in the form of Zinc Oxide and Titanium Dioxide to shield the skin from the primary cause of extrinsic aging – UV exposure.

Silica fills in fine lines, absorbs excess oil, and helps the product cling to the skin, while Pearl powder and Soy Protein help even out skin tone and stimulate cell renewal to ensure a smoother, perfectly prepped ‘canvas’ ready for make-up application. Stepping away for the typical cosmetic primer, the skin care experts at the International Dermal Institute have developed a formula that will refine your expectations of a primer, fusing the powerful skin treatment technology of the AGE Smart® system with the most elegant, aesthetic primer available today. SkinPerfect Primer SPF30 22mL Suggested Retail Price: $79.00 Due to launch September 2012

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