Thermage® ecstatic results in Hong Kong

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Thermage® at Parkway Skin and Wellness Centre Hong Kong is where I had my first treatment, I can’t begin to explain just how thrilled I am with the results, the clinic and the doctor were beyond first rate. For anyone who is considering this treatment the new Total tip from Thermage® CPT has a total focus on patient comfort that leads you to ecstatic results.

The key to a successful Thermage® treatment is to take an interest and understand the technology. Meet with only a Thermage® qualified Skin Doctor. Preparing your skin six weeks prior to your Thermage® using Dr. Zein Obagi’s ZO Skin Health, as well as using the products post treatment will totally improve the results of Thermage®. Having realistic expectations never hurts, finally go to your appointment relaxed and you will discover that Thermage CPT (Comfort Pulse Technology™) is exactly that – comfort with best-in-class monopolar radiofrequency technology.

Thermage® ecstatic results in Hong Kong

Dr L.M. Chan, Parkway Skin and Wellness Centre in Hong Kong, told me at my initial consultation that immediate tightening, improved skin tone and texture can be seen on the day of treatment, improvements continue from four to six months post treatment due to the stimulation of new collagen growth. Dr. Chan explained that the new Total Tip 3.0 (the yellow tip) safely delivers as much as two times greater bulk heating volume than the original tip (blue tip), which allows more tissue to be heated to higher temperatures, stimulating more collagen growth and delivering more significant, effective and efficient results.

Treatment time was for one hour; A grid that uses temporary ink is placed onto the skin to guide the Doctor on pulse placement using the total tip, the grid size varies depending on which body area Thermage® CPT   is being used. Dr. Chan delivered 900 pulses across my entire face, and just below the jaw bone, pulses did not overlap.

Thermage® ecstatic results in Hong Kong

Thermage® ecstatic results in Hong Kong

With Dr. Chan I had two passes where he used one of the three main pass techniques “The Super Pass.” The super pass technique is where Dr. Chan completed one row of squares on the grid followed by one row of circles, alternating rows, with Vector passes performed in the direction of where Dr. Chan wanted the tissue to be moved in my skin.

After half of the face was completed I sat up to see the difference, and the difference was really visible, my forehead, eyes, nasolabial folds, jaw line, jowls and the area under my chin had lifted. My skin now has a rejuvenated more tight and firm appearance with better definition.


Thermage® CPT has a new vibrating hand piece; this offers a clinically proven improvement in patient comfort by a theory that of applying touch to an area of discomfort can stimulate a large diameter of nerve fibers. These large diameter fibers then block small diameter fibers from carrying discomfort impulses to the brain. The vibration can feel a little strange at first, but it does an excellent job of distraction.

A single Thermage® treatment will give great results, but each Skin Doctor will determine how many treatments is right for the individual according to the kind of results they are hoping to achieve. I am planning a second treatment, after my follow up  in one month with Dr. Chan, and if my recent treatment is anything to go by, I have now put a new tag line to my “realistic expectations” to one of “achievable expectations.”

Thermage® Parkway Skin and Wellness Centre Hong Kong – Facial Imaging Pre- Treatment

Facial Imaging 1 Parkway Skin and Wellness Centre Hong Kong

Facial Imaging 2 Parkway Skin and Wellness Centre Hong Kong

Facial Imaging 3 Parkway Skin and Wellness Centre Hong Kong

Thermage® ecstatic results in Hong Kong

Thermage® CPT is available in Hong Kong at Parkway Skin and Wellness Centre, 1602, 16/F., Hing Wai Building, 36 Queen’s Road Central, Central, Hong Kong (852) 2526-8088.

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