The right shade of Orange

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The right shade of Orange, I once saw a Beauty Advisor in London wear a shade of Orange from Ultima II and it looked brilliant on this dark hair porcelain skin almond shaped eye beautifully made up woman. Of course I bought the same shade, can’t remember the name and it did not do the same thing for me as it did for her. Now there are numerous shades of Orange, all a little more interesting than the standard ones we had before.

Scarlett Johansson

Naturally the color Orange – comes from orange – the fruit no surprise. However, it must be said that, before the “discovery” of the citrus fruit, all shades of orange were simply considered shades of red. Going by the shades of orange seen on celebrities from Jessica Alba, Emma Stone, Laetitia Casta and Lady Gaga wear, it appears that’s it a big hit to have  orange lips.

Olivia Wilde

For us everyday girls the only dilemma we have “is it the right shade of orange for me?” So how to choose the right shade and avoid mistakes Orange is a warm nuance and has yellow at the core. The closest shades are peach and salmon. Unfortunately, the belief that as a color works for everyone is wrong: given that it is quite a vivid nuance, it must be chosen according to one’s skin complexion. This is where I made a mistake years ago looking at a totally different skin tone to mine.

Emma Stone

As there are now various shades of Orange, is it possible to find one that will complement different skin complexions? For those with a fair skin complexion, generally this type of skin complexion should choose a pinky orange with very little yellow in it. This way the shade complements the skin complexion without creating a stark contrast and without highlighting the fairness of the skin that, with a wrong shade of lipstick, would look too pale.

Leighton Meester


For those with a fair skin complexion and red hair the suggestion to opt for a matte shade of orange, as opposed a shiny/glossy which tends to result in a tired and sloppy look. If you have a medium toned skin complexion try to use a classic shade of orange one that is bright and bold. Almost all nuances of orange are fine except in if you have blue eyes then its best to opt for a darker hue and  avoid creating too much of a contrast.

Finally for those with a warm or dark skin complexion, the ideal choice is a type of orange reminiscent of peach that brightens up the face and softens the greenish effect typical of olive skin tones.  Take care with using overly bright hues; remember the 80’s have passed with their offering of a tanned skin and fluo orange combination.

You wear a lipstick for a long time so you need to like it and feel good in it; it’s time for come retail therapy research to find your Orange.


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