The Praise of Spring

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The Praise of Spring.  Drawings are vivid and full of emotions. Perhaps the expression of refinements is the life-long goal for every painter. How do painters appreciate springtime?

Let us taste the spring breeze with celebrated painter Vincent Van Gogh.  Van Gogh was born in Netherland and reached his heyday in southern France, Arles.

During his days in Arles, he recorded the natural colors and vitality of Arles in his drawings. This time, we selected three drawings from Van Gogh’s work, they include drawings about peaches, apricots and pears from Arles, matched with three perfumes from France.

The Praise of Spring

The Praise of Spring

Get ready to experience a spring festival with romantic scents and views.

Brand:   E. Coudray

Perfume Name:  Jacinthe et Rose

Price:   HK$ 1,080 / 100ml

The Praise of Peach

Peach tree is the symbol of beauty and hope throughout the ages. Chinese writer Tao Yuanming’s Peach Blossom Spring has portrayed a hidden wonderland for people. Perhaps the pursuit of beauty is the common desire of all people across the nations. “Peach Tree in Blossom”, a painting from Van Gogh, depicts the peach blossom in a romantic scene.

 Jacinthe et Rose

Jacinthe et Rose

The richness and fineness of peach blossom have been translated into Jacinthe et Rose, a perfume from French classic perfume brand E. Coudray.  The peach fragrance in Jacinthe et Rose joined with roses and hyacinths, become a gentle but charming floral scent which recalls your memory of being in a spring garden.

Are you ready to start your journey in a peach blossom land?

Ingredients: Top notes:  Hyacinth, Peach. Heart notes: Rose, Orange Blossom, Jasmine. Base notes: Sandalwood, Vanilla, Cedarwood.


Brand:   Laurent Mazzone

Perfume Name:  Sensual Orchid

Price:   HK$ 2,650 / 100ml

The Praise of Apricot

Zhinan, a poet in the Song Dynasty had written a poem to describe the beauty of the apricot blooming in spring.  Similarly, Van Gogh, had also created “Almond Tree in Bloom”, to showcase his appreciation towards the beauty of the apricot tree.

The Praise of Apricot

The Praise of Apricot

The special charm of apricot can also be discovered in Sensual Orchid, a perfume from French brand Laurent Mazzone.  The perfume blends together the fine aromas of almonds, mandarin, and neroli, paired with the elegant scent of orchids, jasmine and peony flowers, to bring out the remarkable sweet charm of spring.

Ingredients:  Top notes:  Mandarin, Almond. Heart notes: Orchid, Jasmine, Peony. Base notes: Vanilla, Musk.

Brand:   Les Parfums de Rosine

Perfume Name:  Le Muguet de Rosine

Price:   HK$ 1,320 / 100ml

The Praise of Pear

The pure pear tree in “Blossoming Pear Tree” strongly reflects Van Gogh’s work.  The pear trees have experienced hard times of heavy frost in winter cold but are still able to grow beautiful snowy florals under these harsh conditions.  With the reveal of florals from the beautiufl pear tree, it marks the beginning of spring.

Le Muguet de Rosine

Le Muguet de Rosine

The unique fascination of the pear tree can be likened to the scent of Le Muguet de Rosine from French perfume brand – Les Parfums de Rosine.

The aroma of pears in Le Muguet de Rosine paired with the scent of lily of the valley and the joining of Turkish roses and jasmine from Egypt create a different flowery scent from many floral perfumes.  The tenderness of lily of the valley and the purity of pear blossom, brings you the best blessing of spring.


Top notes:  Bergamot, Pear

Heart notes: Lily of the Valley, Rose, Jasmine

Base notes: White musk

The Praise of Spring

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