The perfect gloves that are just bliss

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bliss glamour gloves deliver just the most intensive doses of hydration to give you impossibly soft hands that your manicurist will just love to paint the latest shade onto your nails. They are so easy to use, just a ten-minute slip-on session will work wonders to lessen chapping, chafing, and other signs of aging. I really like using a good hand treatment as well underneath the gloves, try bliss genius formula glamour glove gel.

The perfect gloves that are just bliss

The perfect gloves that are just bliss

However I have also used them alone, and they still work wonders, my hands are not only dry but aged and these gloves give them a real boost. The ingredients are self-activating, comprising of grape seed and a ceramide gel that lines the inside and in twenty minutes, you just watch how that dehydrated skin on your hands does a disappearing act.

If you wash your hands frequently and they are rough from the harsh environment, then these soothing gloves are a perfect way to relax while watching T.V. or enjoying a glass of wine at the end of the day. Wear your bliss glamour gloves for 20 minutes at a time, or (for faster anti-aging action) pull them on after coating your hands with bliss genius formula glamour glove gel.  Repeat once or twice weekly.

The perfect gloves that are just bliss

The perfect gloves that are just bliss

Bliss also recommends that you can get your cuticles even creamer by soaking dry hands for 5 minutes in a bowl of rosy toes before smudging on glamor glove gel. If you really do have a pair of direly dehydrated hands, you can leave Bliss Glamour Gloves on overnight and do that  once or twice a week.

coming clean:  To keep your gloves clean and fresh, simply turn them inside out after each use, wipe them down with a cold wet sponge, lay them flat to dry.  Dust gel lining of gloves with talcum powder after drying.  Avoid bleaching, dry-cleaning, or micro-waving (they’re not food, they’re gloves).  Store glamor gloves in a cool place when not in use.

bliss glamour gloves – Nail technicians’ highest-rated hand hydrators!

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