The Laser Lounge Sydney treatments from certified experts

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The Laser Lounge Sydney treatments from certified experts. There are only a few key points a consumer should initially want to know when embarking on permanent hair reduction,  1) Who will operate the laser and have they been certified by experts in the field 2) Is the equipment used professional and up to date, so that my comfort level is considered. If you have researched that, then you’re off to a great start. One of my biggest mistakes was not starting permanent hair reduction  earlier, my first treatment was in 2007, I saw an immense reduction in both underarm and bikini hair but as I was moving to the US from Australia, I was unable to have a series of treatments.

The Laser Lounge Sydney treatments from certified experts

Over the years of living in Australia, New York and Hong Kong, and having permanent hair reduction treatments the laser technology has just improved leaps and bounds, on the downside it is a poor reflection on the various health care boards who do not demand that anyone who picks up a laser head to place on a clients skin does not have to be certified. So it goes without saying “Customer Beware.”

The Laser Lounge Sydney treatments from certified experts

For myself, when I am in Sydney ( a state that does not require certification) I would not walk past The Laser Lounge in Kent Street near to the Sydney Harbor. Why The Laser Lounge? well the technicians have over 16 years experience of working with lasers, they are certified to the hilt, the equipment is state of the art which means, safe quick comfortable results driven treatments by certified experts.

The Laser Lounge Sydney treatments from certified experts

Mona Nessa Clinic Manager of the Sydney Laser Lounge is a delight, one of those clinic managers who has the necessary touch of confidence a laser client need to feel when a treatment begins. Without question this was the quickest most comfortable underarm and bikini treatment for permanent hair reduction Mona uses the Candela GentleLASE.  For mature age clients, if you think there is no point in having permanent hair reduction, let me tell you it is the best way to remove the remaining thin underarm hair that you may not be able to see.

As my underarm hair became less over the years with sporadic laser treatments and my hormones changed, the hair became thinner and not as easy to see, but never the less it was there, and only in good light could I see it, and if I am honest I am sure others could see it.

Why The Laser Lounge uses  Candela Lasers?

Founded in 2000, Syneron Medical Ltd. the parent company for Candela has over 10 years of research, development and manufacturing. Syneron has operations in the U.S. as well as providing marketing, services and support for its products in 86 countries. The company has produces and published over 700 scientific papers and their products have performed over 10 million treatments annually

What is DCD?

Candela lasers use a technology called the GentleCOOL system. It is a blend of cryogen that is found only on Candela lasers. The Dynamic Cooling Device is a state-of-the-art, patented system that selectively cools the upper layers of your skin an instant before the laser energy pulse is applied. Another benefit to using this technology is there is no need for messy gels or uncomfortable icing after treatment. Epidermal protection is key to maximize patient safety and comfort.

I will be having a few permanent hair reduction treatments to get my underarms clean as a whistle, but I  will have to wait to get back to a safe certified clinic in  Kent St. Sydney, for my skin I put my trust in The Laser Lounge 275 Kent St.  Sydney NSW 2000  Tel: 61 2 8922 8190. A series of treatments for underarm is presently priced at AUD$200 for 4 treatments with an additional 2 treatments offered complimentary.

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