The Edge Desk System “Work from Home”

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The Edge Desk System “Work from Home”. With more than 300 million Americans ordered to now Work from Home (WFH), employees across the country are scrambling to identify a more comfortable, convenient and productive work space.  That’s the problem this desk system is solving.

Unlike standing desks and chairs that require more space than available, the Edge Desk is the ONLY all-in-one kneeling desk and chair system that provides an ergonomic, adjustable and portable desk solution for everyone.

“It’s no longer about hoarding supplies, workers from every company imaginable are realizing that productivity is very much about being comfortable and focused as you work from anywhere,” explained Marc Rosenberg Founder of The Edge Desk.

The Edge Desk System "Work from Home"

The Edge Desk System “Work from Home”

Team members from Apple, Google, Shopify, LinkedIN, and dozens more have used company allocated Work from Home (WFH) allowances to purchase the ergo friendly desk. Sales have jumped more than 800% in four weeks and the kneeling solution is winning rave reviews which can be seen on the company’s site

The system comes fully assembled and the set-up is quick and painless.  It can be deployed in under 30 seconds, folds flat to just 7 inches when you’re done for the day and weighs less than 29 pounds.

The Edge Desk focuses on healthy posture with one adjustable, ergonomically-designed unit complete with padded seat cushions and knee rests. With the ability to adjust desk height, distance and tilt, it fits a wide range of body types and the kneeling seat naturally puts your back into a comfortable neutral position, so you focus on your work, not how uncomfortable you feel.

The Edge Desk System “Work from Home”

With a suggested retail price of $399.99, the brand hopes to inspire everyone with its innovative workspace that motivates employees to think beyond their traditional desks and uncomfortable chairs.

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