The Company Tattoo and Parfumerie Trésor – The Landscape on Skin

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Tattoo and perfumes seem to be two entirely different things and cannot be connected in any way, but both of them are related to our skin. Tattoos are permanently inked onto our skin and perfumes are sprayed onto our skin for a lasting effect. The design for our tattoo and the scent we choose to use all have a meaning and pose as a trigger to the emotions we had with a certain someone or a certain situation.

The depth of the meanings that tattoos and perfumes possess is the reason why The Company Tattoo and Parfumerie Trésor began their collaboration. Through collaborative workshops and an exhibition, we will showcase the stories and artistry behind a tattooist and perfumer.

Parfumerie Trésorhave specially selected three one-of-a-kind brands that are most representative for this unique collaboration with The Company Tattoo.  Niche perfume is an artistry that is well respected in the realm of perfumes and Parfumerie Trésor is a place that searches far and wide to bring to the perfume lovers a collection of unique and one-of-a-kind niche perfume brands. Niche perfumes possess the highest quality,

The Company Tattoo and Parfumerie Trésor - The Landscape on Skin

The Company Tattoo and Parfumerie Trésor – The Landscape on Skin

The most creative scents and the stories behind each creation is unique. It is said that niche perfumes possess a life and soul of its own and allows you to experience scent in a way you never thought of before. Each flacon of perfume is created through the creative artistry and

The rose is used as the primary raw ingredient in all of Les Parfums de Rosine’s creations. Each rose’s unique beauty can be expressed differently when blended with different ingredients and this can be experienced through her creations.

Classic perfumes passed down since the 19th Century. Each bottle of Isabey perfumes is a perfect reaction of classic French perfumery. In
both its technique used in its creation and the romantic stories behind each scent.

Known as one of the world’s most luxurious perfumes. It gathers only the best raw materials from around the world. In its creations for a one-of-a-kind perfume.

The Company Tattoo and Parfumerie Trésor – The Landscape on Skin

Participating Tattooist Dave Ryo Lau
“ Western Traditional designs all have a strong meaning and significance to them, just like how perfumes bring out story’s and emotions through scent.”

Participating Tattooist Hazel “ Tattoos and perfumes are very personal and individual. They are both used to express oneself. ”

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