The beauty that is Burberry

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In 2010 Christopher Bailey, Chief Creative of the iconic British fashion brand Burberry, announced the launch of Burberry beauty to the fashion house. So after the past two years of research, the company has incorporated in its cosmetics line, a range of shades of makeup designed to compliment all the skin tones that have looked stunning with the Burberry  fashions just look at Jourdan Dunn as ambassador model. The Burberry cosmetics line  as with brand of today use very natural ingredients in the composition of their products, this keeps in line with their fashion followers who want are interested in quality products. Burberry respects the skin as much as possible in the range with easy to use applications and flawless textures.

The beauty that is Burberry
The beauty that is Burberry
The color palette also follows the Burberry premise, naturally , the image and likeness of their iconic trench coats with earth tones, pink, gray, nothing too extreme. Makeup tones merge and adapt to the skin, instead of a heavy cover, so lending itself to that true natural look, products that correct and concealing minor imperfections complexion, without causing skin congestion. Cara Delevingne another one of the stunning models in the initial  campaign.   You will be able to find foundations that glide all the way to the finish with either a gloss  or matte lipstick that is just a velvet application.  Creamy eyeliners that stay moist and do not cake or fade, this is  a range of natural makeup to bring out your own beauty.
The beauty that is Burberry

The beauty that is Burberry

Now that the new Burberry store has opened at 121 Regent Street, I must say that my favorite is still the Burberry store in Bond Street, over the years I have seen some of the most well known brands open their doors at 21-23 Bond Street London.  The design and product packaging are inspired by the pattern that characterizes the brand, the legendary grids or familiar” house check “.  Where would Burberry be without assisting you to groom yourself successfully, the cosmetic range has help at hand on You Tube with a few how to videos so there are no problems in achieving  the natural Burberry look.
The beauty that is Burberry

The beauty that is Burberry

Just reach for your trench, and wear that natural look Burberry look.

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  1. Do you know what shade the lightest lipstick pictured is? It looks fab

  2. The Global Beauty World says:

    The model in the second image is Jourdan Dunn, in nearly all of her Burberry shots she is wearing this type of nude shade, there are a few in the collection, here is the link, they did not give us the specific one she was wearing, but if you can get into a Burberry location, ask at the counter for the “Jourdan Dunn” shade used in ad, the counter girls usually know, but it may look a bit different…as this is a photo, but it recieved great comments

    thanks for the comment

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