Sunglasses your must-have winter accessory

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Sunglasses have long been considered the perfect warm-weather accessory. After all, a great pair of shades are just what your eyes need to protect them from the bright Summer sun. But did you realize that these can be just as important, if not more, during the cold months of Winter? Here are some reasons why a pair of high-quality, polarized sunglasses, like those from Hawaiian-born Maui Jim® Sunglasses, should be your must-have Winter accessory.

One obvious reason a quality pair can be so beneficial in Winter . It is also the first thing most of us associate with the colder months: Snow. While the fluffy white stuff can provide a wonderland of Winter fun, it can also wreak havoc on your eyes. Per the Vision Council of America, snow reflects up to 85% of harmful UV rays. Too much direct eye exposure to UV rays can lead to a painful condition known as photokeratitis, more commonly known as “snow blindness.”

Sunglasses your must-have winter accessory

Essentially a sunburn of the cornea, photokeratitis causes burning, irritation and in extreme cases, temporary loss of vision. Luckily, this can all be avoided by wearing a pair that offer high-quality UV protection. Maui Jim Sunglasses, for example, feature their patented PolarizedPlus2® lens technology, which blocks 100% of harmful UV rays and 99% of reflected glare, another potentially dangerous condition often present when snow and sun collide.

Another much less obvious reason Winter is prime for sunglasses is the angle of sun during the season. In Winter, the sun sits lower in the sky. Leading to more direct exposure of UV rays than in Summer months. This can be especially problematic when afternoon drive times coincide with the setting Winter sun,. Where UV rays and reflected glare can make for dangerous driving conditions. Again, not only will a proper pair of quality, polarized sunglasses, like Maui Jim’s Kawika style, lead to a safer Winter drive, they’ll also make sure you look great doing it.

Sunglasses your must-have winter accessory

Remember: just because the temps drop, that doesn’t mean eye health becomes any less of a concern. So, whether you’re shredding the slopes or simply making the cold slog home through the snow. A pair of quality sunglasses should be a crucial part of your Winter accessory arsenal.

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