Sticky Zinc the sunscreen you feel good about

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Sticky Zinc an all Australian sunscreen that looks good, feels good and really performs. There are only two companies in Australia producing a preservative free sunscreen. This sunscreen has a 3 year shelf life. Our unique formula is also Oxybenzone, Paba and Paraben free so you know there are no toxic chemicals in our sunscreens.

Sticky Zinc the sunscreen you feel good about

A life lived outside is a life well-lived, but we need to protect our skin. We Are Feel Good Inc’s Original Sunscreen Lotion SPF 50+ will keep you covered whilst you chase your adventures. As it is free from any nasties such as Oxybenzones, PABAs and Preservatives, you can feel confident you are protecting your skin from the sun safely. Non-greasy, long-lasting and broad spectrum to give you maximum coverage.

Apply liberally to all exposed areas 20 minutes before sun exposure. Reapply after swimming, toweling and excessive sweating.

Some of the best ideas are born from passion. We Are Feel Good Inc. was a collaborative dream that emerged on a joint surfing holiday. We wanted a sunscreen that matched our active lifestyle. A sunscreen that we could rely on. A sunscreen that was not just any old sunscreen BUT a sunscreen that would become the World’s Best Sunscreen.

It took a few more years of dreaming, refining and travelling together before we took the plunge and decided to invest in our ideas.

Sticky Zinc the sunscreen you feel good about

Because we are passionate about living life outdoors.

Because we wanted a product we could TRUST and was Australian made with integrity.

Because we couldn’t find a broad spectrum sunscreen that actually felt good on our skin.

Because we really believed we could make an incredible product that really WORKS.

Because we really want to LIVE the life we love with piece of mind.

Because we needed a sunscreen our kids would USE!

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