Spanx Unveils the Next Generation of LEG UP

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Spanx Inc., continuing in the entrepreneurial spirit of founder and owner Sara Blakely, today announced the next generation of LEG UP, a program designed to highlight and celebrate successful, likeminded female entrepreneurs. The enhanced LEG UP program, to be featured on Spanx digital and social platforms, will shine the light on established female entrepreneurs, creating a dialogue highlighting their various achievements and visions for future endeavors. It is Blakely’s hope that the program will continue to encourage countless female entrepreneurs to exemplify fearless spirit not only in business, but in all steps of life. It is the next generation of the successful original LEG UP program, which continues to focus on supporting budding female entrepreneurs of tomorrow.

Spanx Unveils the Next Generation of LEG UP (PRNewsFoto/Spanx Inc.)

Spanx Unveils the Next Generation of LEG UP (PRNewsFoto/Spanx Inc.)

Blakely’s success in growing a brand and culture continues to serve as a standard that other entrepreneurs strive to attain, and be inspired by. Blakely is looking to showcase female entrepreneurs who are moving the needle forward in creating innovative work environments, focusing on having positive impacts on local and global levels.

Spanx Unveils the Next Generation of LEG UP

“With LEG UP, I want to turn the ripples into waves by joining forces with a group of fearless female entrepreneurs who have inspired us with their brains, courage and business savvy,” says Blakely. “Our goal is to provide women connections and support in order to unleash more of the world’s greatest untapped resource… women.”

The program kicks-off with Blakely and Rent the Runway’s CEO/Co-Founder Jennifer Hyman, the first in a series of top female entrepreneurs that will share insights on how they got started, their goals and challenges along the way, and advice for leading the way in the business world. Spanx chose to highlight Rent the Runway’s Jennifer Hyman for the program launch, reflecting the company’s dedication to spotlight strong female leaders who are innovators in their respective industries. Hyman shares common values, by providing the consumer solutions and choices for everyday life.

“I always think of Spanx as the canvas and what Jenn’s doing as the paint,” added Blakely. “If you don’t have the right canvas as an artist, it affects the outcome of the painting.”

“Sara and I started our own businesses from the ground up, and we both have a shared history of supporting women to do the same,” says Hyman. “I decided that I wanted to be an entrepreneur after I saw Sara on Oprah so I can’t think of a better way to bring that message of encouragement full-circle than by participating in the LEG UP program.” Blakely launched the original LEG UP program in 2010 as a way to pay forward her success and highlight budding female entrepreneurs. In addition to its digital and social platforms, Spanx will also feature LEG UP in Spanx catalogues, and in stores.

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