Skip heavy perfumes refresh with Frédéric Malle Shower Gels

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Skip heavy perfumes refresh with Frédéric Malle Shower Gels, that come in nine divine scents.
Bigarade: Built on a singular bitter freshness, an excess of hesperidic notes, a touch of rose and a woody base reinforce its unique and natural structure.
Géranium Pour Monsieur: A heart of geranium from China, mint and aniseed notes, spices such as clove and cinnamon, sandalwood and a large dose of white musks are the principle actors of this novel genre.
Bois d’Orage: The ultimate man’s scent. With a heart of angelica, cedar wood and vetiver, this powerful fragrance is sensual and refined, aromatic and spicy.

Skip heavy perfumes refresh with Frédéric Malle Shower Gels

Skip heavy perfumes refresh with Frédéric Malle Shower Gels

En Passant: A radiant and serene perfume that captures notes of simple white lilac, accompanied shyly by orange leaves, cucumber and wheat.
Lipstick Rose : Like a dash of lipstick with its rose and violet-flavored bonbon scent. Grapefruit and violet enhance the fragrance’s rose note. The backdrop is musk and vanilla with a hint of vetiver and amber.
Lys Méditerranée: Sea spray mingles with spicy ginger lilies Imagine a scorching summer evening as the Mediterranean Sea spray mingles with the spicy scent of ginger lilies. Orange blossom gives way to a marine top note. One inhales the froth of the lily with hints of musk and vanilla.
Eau de Magnolia: A timeless summer perfume. Fresh chypre, a very natural smelling note, is animated by a somber base of vetiver and patchouli.
Vetiver Extraordinaire: A new, softer essence of vetiver matches with five woody notes to play up the scent’s various facets. The result is something surprisingly fresh and crisp.
Carnal Flower: Essential for date-night, tuberose exudes an almost carnal smell, in a harmony of flower shop freshness, spicy camphorous, and milky sweetness.

Skip heavy perfumes refresh with Frédéric Malle Shower Gels

Frédéric Malle introduced the Editions de Parfums in 2000, as a completely original concept whereby the world’s greatest noses composed exclusive,  creative fragrances that would be sold under their creator’s names. In an era in which most companies attach more importance to brand names, by intensified marketing campaigns, Malle brings the attention back to the product itself: perfume. Through a simple “back to basics” ideology, the Editions de Parfums are challenging all prevailing trends.

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