Skincare Brand BEQUELLE Debuts at China Beauty Expo

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From September 2-4th, BEQUELLE made its debut at the 50th China (GZ) Beauty Expo as a beloved mask with premium results. At the expo BEQUELLE announced its entering the Chinese market.

Focusing on correcting skin imperfections and improving skin condition. BEQUELLE has integrated innovative technology from Germany and optimized its core product – a collagen mask. The mask helps to correct the most common skin problems: dryness, rough skin, dull complexion, coarse pores and pre-mature aging signs. It also strengthens the skin base. Reduces fine lines, replenishes moisture and collagen, enhances skin recovery with plumping, firming, lifting, refining effects. It improves skin condition and helps the skin regain youthfulness and beauty.

Skincare Brand BEQUELLE Debuts at China Beauty Expo

Skincare Brand BEQUELLE Debuts at China Beauty Expo

“Skin collagen degradation accelerates when people are over age 25. The skin becomes fragile with frequent skin problems and lack of vitality,” said the expert from BEQUELLE. “BEQUELLE collagen mask is made with concentrated, high density and high compatibility pure collagen. It  replenishes the skin with abundant water and collagen for basal enhancing and skin repairing, to solve skin problems.”

Andy, the president of Joy Plus, said in an interview: “The extraction and preservation of natural collagen is tricky. In the market, most collagen products are using heated collagen with damaged structures that lowers the effectiveness. However, the effectiveness and molecule structure of collagen for BEQUELLE is completed preserved with the 100-year-old freeze drying technology. After searching for 8 years for the premium, safe and effective collagen product with high technology, we found BEQUELLE. Made in Germany, BEQUELLE is a high-tech collagen product with high quality, without any additives. It is the very product that the market needs the most.”

Skincare Brand BEQUELLE Debuts at China Beauty Expo

Chasing perfect solutions for young and beautiful skin. Is a non-stop journey for women. Over the past 20 years, BEQUELLE has provided the best and continuously upgraded products and services for women. Today, with the help of Joy Plus, BEQUELLE enters the Chinese market. To be a new and excellent choice for Chinese women and any one who wants to remain young and beautiful. With BEQUELLE, time stops.

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