Skeyndor Global Lift revolutionary home treatments

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Many followers in Hong Kong of SKEYNDOR facial treatments are amazed when their facials are complete and they are keen to keep that flawless and lifted look achieved from the SKEYNDOR Global Lift facial treatment. When you are a client at Glow with Ceri Silk the beauty therapist always takes a photo of you before and after your Global Lift treatment. When you instantly see the difference after one treatment, it goes without question that to maintain the benefits of the Skeyndor Global Lift revolutionary home treatments is the only answer.

Skeyndor Global Lift revolutionary home treatments

First of all there are two options in the treatment cream, for dry skin a rich creamy texture and for normal to combination skin a lighter, non oily texture. The function of both is to improve cellular functionality, improve the skin metabolism as it slows down with age and strengthen the density and firmness that are lost from the skin. Lift Definition Eye Contour Cream contains the [ProGEN-in] technology that firms the skin and reduces wrinkles, attenuates eye bags and relieves congestion in eyelids and under the eyes.

Lamin A is a protein responsible for maintaining the cell nucleus with age and time it is converted into a toxic dysfunctional protein called Progerin producing malformations, this accumulates at a rate of 3% each year increasing with age from 55.  The Global Lift home treatment targets Progerin with three key active substances within the [ProGEN-in] technology that can reduce these levels in mature cells of 66 years old to that of cells 30 years and younger.
The SKEYNDOR Global Lift creams for the face and neck eye are both treatments ideal to complement the salon/spa facial as maintenance at home. Of course you have the option to use both of these daily without having received the facial treatment.  Skin characteristics: lack of firmness, sagging, loss of definition in the contours of the face volumes and sagging wrinkles. SKEYNDOR also recommends taking a daily packet of firming anti-aging supplements rich in collagen and Resveratrol with your home treatments.
SYEYNDOR Global Lift facial treatment and home treatments can be found at Glow with Ceri Silk 9F Parker House 72 Queens Road Central Hong Kong +852 2525 5198


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