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There is an old adage ‘ a bad workman always blames his tools.” so whether it is a lip brush, eyeshadow applicator, make up sponge we all have to understand, how was this product made and  how do I get the best out of it. I was told once that most ( not all)  electrical equipment is broken by the user’s rough handling of the equipment itself. Saying that, lets look at mascara it is important to understand the difference in a brush, our actual eyelash length, the correct use and application of a mascara, to get the results we want those results could be lenght, depth or volume.

I always like to see the team of Beauty Addicts at any trade show, and recently they were attending Cosmoprof Asia 2012 in Hong Kong one of their products SHOW OFF MASCARA  I had not seen so I was keen to review, they really do have  brush to look at.

Here are a few points I like about SHOW OFF MASCARA so if you are good workman with your tools consider some of these points. This is a mascara that doesn’t test on animals. Not only is it humanitarian, but common knowledge is that animal-tested products doesn’t make them fool-proof. So why waste your time?  Get the right type of mascara. Mascaras have signs on the side indicating whether they will give your lashes volume and/or length and/or color and/or definition. If you want volume and really understand volume this is for you , the brush is a clear indicator.

So that your lashes are ready to take on the amount of product SHOW OFF MASCARA can give you, consider curling your lashes.  Gradually, gently curl little sections from root to tip. while you are GENTLY holding down your lashes, squeeze one or two times GENTLY before moving on.This looks natural.

Start the brush at the base of your lashes and slowly wiggle the brush back and forth while you slowly sweep them up. Use more than one layer. Also, applying one or two coats is not a bad idea and don’t be worry if you need three or four.  Swipe your brush from the inner corner of your eye to the outer lashes to make your lashes more full. Don’t stab at your SHOW OFF MASCARA when you replace the wand into the tube, lift the wand gently from the tube, its not a tire and does not need pumping up. SHOW OFF MASCARA will have plenty of product on the brush when you lift it from the tube, look down into the mirror when you apply so that you do not get the ‘lash smudge” on your upper lid. Always give your self time, with volume mascaras you are dealing with a different brush that holds more product on the brush.

A mascara needs to be replaced every 3 – 6 months but if you think about your makeup tool you, how clean are your lashes before you apply a fresh coat, taking time to apply the product to get volume but not over the top, you will get the volume you want,and that should  always be the right amount. Don’t go crazy with volume mascaras applying coat after coat if your lashes are long already then go easy, if short lashes give your self a few coats.

So is SHOW OFF MASCARA a creamy volume product?  yes it is and you can get the most out of it by understanding your beauty tools, and using them as they were designed to be used and become a Beauty Addict!

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