Seven Crash made its New York Fashion Show debut

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Seven Crash, the New York-based international street wear brand, made its New York Fashion Show debut to showcase its Fall/Winter 2019 collection on February 10, 2019 at Industria Studios in Manhattan.

Seven Crash’s inspiration for the new collection is the concept of “Quantus,” an approach charged with possibility. The 2019 designs expand upon conventional images of technology and the micro world, aiming to reach beyond prevailing thinking to explore the unknown world from a particle perspective.

“Seven Crash is looking forward to presenting our highly innovative and fashion forward street wear brand to the US and international press for the first time during New York Fashion Week,” said Jason Yao, CEO of the brand.

“Our partnership with BASF allows Seven Crash to be leading the pack in offering our customers great street wear style in new and sustainable fabrication.”

Seven Crash made its New York Fashion Show debut

Seven Crash made its New York Fashion Show debut

    The Future Is Now

Conventional wisdom defines the future as a moment that has not yet arrived. But for Seven Crash, it has. As a street wear trendsetter, Seven Crash pioneered the concept of “futuristic work wear” and with this new collection continues integrating it with traditional street wear elements. Seven Crash FW19 consisted of a variety of avant-garde silhouettes and clean-cut tailoring that incorporate core design elements of workwear, imbuing function-driven creations with a sense of futurism and style.

With the first five simple-design luminous workwear precedents displayed at the venue, the models took on the roles of space explorers, venturing to probe the mysterious world of Quantum with Seven Crash. They approached a dark and dim underground passage, or appeared at a thunderous rainforest, or arrived at an extreme-weather polar region, or headed bravely into unknown dimension of space. These intrepid role-players deployed themselves unflinchingly, challenging limits of space, time and even thinking, bravely contending with myriad provocative and evocative possibilities.

  Enable the Possibilities

Using high-tech and futuristic fabrics from BASF (the German chemical company), Seven Crash emphasizes the important relationship between fabrics and technology.

The FW 2019 collection marked a groundbreaking collaboration between Seven Crash and BASF in designing fabrics that originally had been restricted to other professional fields with fabric such as Haptex, an innovative polyurethane solution for synthetic leather which does not use any organic solvent, large use innovative recycling fabric – Haptex and Freeflex, embodying sustainability in both design and quality in everyday applications.

When the two brand missions of BASF—”We create chemistry” and Seven Crash “Crash the rules”—integrated, it worked together seamlessly to break boundaries in creating unlimited new possibilities.

Seven Crash has expanded the potential of the micro world of Quantum, using an array of assorted fabrics to express the innovative and imaginative ideas and understanding of these uncharted territories. The FW2019 color palette was in silver and black enlivened by different hues representing different energies.

With the metallic and reflective fabrics embellished by the designs, the collection showcased futuristic design with a soft beauty of lines. Seven Crash FW2019 has made the point that, even as they might live and carry on in unknown realms, humans can still display their personalities, attitudes and beliefs through the imaginative ways they choose to garb themselves.

Seven Crash made its New York Fashion Show debut

The 2019 Seven Crash collection asked what the world of Quantum might be like. No one can provide a definitive answer yet. But what Seven Crash recognized that we must do is strive to break existing limits step by step and continue to explore the astonishing unknown world.


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