Scented Christmas Moments from Parfumerie Trésor

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Scented Christmas Moments from Parfumerie Trésor. A Family Gathering. It’s been months since I have been back to my family home but it is a tradition that we gather every Christmas for a family feast. This year like every year I walk into my family home and everything feels familiar, the same Christmas tree stands in the corner of the living room surrounded by piles and piles of gifts.

In another corner of the room I see my mother constantly bringing out plate after plate of food onto our dining room table. And in the living room I can see my father sitting in his favourite chair wearing the same hand knitted scarf my mum gave him and I can faintly smell that light amber scent that is reminiscent of my mother’s favourite perfume on the scarf. The perfume always reminded me of family, the unique blend of incense, pathouly, sandalwood and amber is exactly the scent that I have missed all these months. I sit there and lightly put down my glass of mulled wine and surrounded by these familiar scents I slowly fall into a light sleep…is happiness just like this?

Scented Christmas Moments from Parfumerie Trésor

Scented Christmas Moments from Parfumerie Trésor

Evody – Ambre Intense and Note de Luxe Perfume Gift Set. French perfume brand Evody was created by Régine and her daughter Cérine. Each flacon of perfume created by the mother daughter duo reflects an important moment in their life. Christmas is all about family gatherings and being with your loved ones, there isn’t anything better than having such a meaningful scented gift for those you love this Christmas.

Evody – Note de Luxe Perfume

Top notes: Bergamot, lemon

Heart notes: Iris, jasmine, rose

Base notes: Elemi, patchouli, balms, vanilla

Evody – Ambre Intense Perfume

Top notes: Bay leaf

Heart notes: Incense, patchouly, sandalwood

Base notes: Amber, opoponax

Scented Christmas Moments from Parfumerie Trésor

Evody’s Ambre Intense and Note de Luxe 50ml. Perfume Gift Set. HK$ 2,120

Parfumerie Trésor. Tel:  2701 5922. Add:  G/F, 18 Upper Station Street, Sheung Wan, HK.


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