Rhythmic facials to relax like Korean fisherman

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Rhythmic facials to relax like Korean fisherman, when you go for your next facial think about how the massage treatment in the facial can be part of an anti aging treatment, which could also comprise of a cold bath along side the rhythmic facial. An Asian concept starting with a  detoxifying bath in a special “furò” tub, containing hot water at 40°C and  cool water with a high concentration of saline and water  both in constant movement. Japan has promoted two new kinds of massages: “ko bi do”, a powerful technique for facial rejuvenation and “kembiki akima”, which acts on blocked and tense muscles. This technique of rapid, percussive and rhythmic movements that allow for the release of energy and accumulated stress in the facial muscles,  to improve blood and lymphatic circulation which all goes to help the process of cellular renewal.
The first, kembiki akkima massage, is a complete body massage that helps remove deeper blocks and muscle tension, to restore energy and psycho-physical energy.  The second Kin jang, instead, is one of the most ancient techniques of psycho-physical relaxation, practiced in the areas of South Korea and perfected by Tibetan Buddhist monks. Kin jang, which is practiced by the wives of Korean fishermen when their husbands returned from the sea, this is a technique that’s been passed down from one generation to the next. It’s founded on the concept of finding physical well-being and integrity after a day’s work.The massage is based on vibrations, rotations, oscillations, energy waves and stretching the entire body.


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