RETAMAX 1% Retinol formula that is potent

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RETAMAX aids in skin rejuvenation by triggering the natural formation of collagen and encouraging the restoration of the skin barrier function by up-regulating the production of hyaluronic acid, the skin’s most vital natural hydrating factor. As part of my 6 week ZO Skin Health treatment protocol I use RETAMAX™ I began with 1 pump for the first 2 nights then moved onto 2 pumps every night. At first this very potent treatment will feel warm as you massage this into the skin, then after 7-10 days my skin took on a pink/red appearance while I massaged in the  RETAMAX™ of course using RESTORCALM™ afterwards to calm down the reaction.

RETAMAX 1% Retinol formula that is potent

RETAMAX 1% Retinol formula that is potent

RETAMAX 1% Retinol formula that is potent

The reaction to the 1% Retinol and special plant stem cell antioxidants used in RETAMAX includes redness, dryness, peeling, irritation, and itching. All of these reactions I experienced, when I spoke with  Dr. L.M. Chan of Parkway Skin and Wellness Centre Hong Kong, he advised that more reaction indicates a normal skin repair response.

One evening the reaction was very strong, and the advantage with ZO® Medical is that you can just adjust the quantity slightly to 1 – 1 ½ pumps to accommodate the strength of an application, then returned to the full strength of 2 pumps. Which I did, my skin felt very comfortable after my slight adjustment, as my skin continued to repair and become stronger.

RETAMAX 1% Retinol formula that is potent

RETAMAX 1% Retinol formula that is potent

However as I was reminded, results and comfort do not necessarily go hand-in-hand, so if you use less treatment product than the recommended amount you will have less irritation/reaction but slower repair. Using RETAMAX  over night gives your skin a totally smooth texture in the morning and over time the tolerance level for Retinol improves. This is an important factor when preparing the skin for treatments such as Thermage and Fraxel as well as certain peels that can only benefit from good medical skin preparation.

Dr. Obagi created this standalone product that uses 1% Retinol and special plant stem cell antioxidants in order to stimulate skin renewal and cellular turnover at the deeper dermis layers. Dr. Obagi says “This formula is potent! RETAMAX  contains the highest concentration of retinol in the ZO® Medical arsenal of products to overhaul aging skin, sun damage, and prevent future damage.”

RETAMAX 1% Retinol formula that is potent

RETAMAX 1% Retinol formula that is potent

RETAMAX 1% Retinol formula that is potent

The RETAMAX biocellular antioxidant system serves to block free radical damage, helps protect vulnerable cellular DNA, and addresses the root cause initiators of future skin aging. Optimizing irritation management, RETAMAX™ helps ensure maintenance of the new, healthy skin state by defending against irritation-initiated skin damage.

As I have had a Fraxel treatment before in New York without any skin preparation such as the ZO® Medical, I am expecting to see my Thermage and later Fraxel results vastly improved from previous treatments.

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  1. Debbie says:

    Retamax-A 1% works!! I started using this in 2012 & used too much product at first (typical of me) and got a very bad red skin reaction. I waited 2 weeks & started over with a really small amount. Don’t “rub” it in unless you’ve got healthy skin because in my case, rubbing was too harsh & irritates my skin — I just gently “swipe” it over my face with my fingertips & apply any extra to the backs of my hands! I have very fair sensitive skin so I don’t even use a full pump but I do use it every night!! My skin glows!! In fact, although I am 63 years old, a friend told me I’ve got that “pregnancy glow”!! Not irritated red glow, but healthy younger skin glow! Pregnant??? LOL — remember I am 63! It doesn’t work overnight; use sunscreen with high SPF during day & you’ll glow too!!

  2. Carole DiCiurcio says:

    I been wanting to use Retamax and have a sample of it given to me from the dermatologist’s office. I read your comment and I will be turning 73 on Jan. 24th. What do you use for under your eyes and also during the day as a moisturizer. Is this the only product you use? I know the product is expensive but if it works then I am all for it. I just don’t want to be sold a bunch of other products by Zo my finances aren’t great. I do have nice skin and want to keep it that way without using more products than I have to. Thank you for reading and I hope that your respond. Carole

    • Hi Carole
      I used this brand back in 2013 it is excellent, but you are right it is expensive, but that is due to the ingredients being so active. They do have an eye treatment that is excellent and I also wrote an article on that product as well. I do vary my skin care some brands work out well others not, which is to be expected. As the dermatologist gave you the sample try it, no harm but I would ask for a sample of the eye ( it has a sun protection factor which is great) and of the day moisture they recommend for you to try at the same time, just one of the products won’t really give you a good impression, but a few samples to try together would be better. No one wants to be sold a bunch of products that do nothing, we have all been through that.

      • Roger says:

        HI Geraldine lai
        I wanted to let you know that retamax is not a 1% fomula it is a .5% formula .I don’t know where the 1 % comes from I have seen it on several different sites even stated by plastic surgeons sites .I saw it on a UK zo website .However many of thier training info says it’s .5 % .I use it myself and it great and very potent but it’s only .5 % .do you know was this product 1 % at some point before ?

        • This article was written for the Hong Kong market, the product from ZO Skin Health is brought in from the US to Hong Kong. At time of writing the Retamax formula was give to us at 1%, it may have changed by now, or the medical legislation may vary from country to country. I am aware that some brands in Europe do make totally different formulations for Asia, in particular for Japan, where the formulation is designed for the Japanese market only, and the rest of the product formulation is marketed to other designated countries.

  3. armando says:

    Can you apply a very small amount of retamax mixed with Cerave
    I have a dark spot under the eye ?

    • Hi
      I am sure your doctor has not recommended Retamax for the fine skin under the eye, in fact I am sure that Retamax with the 1% retinol formula is not for the eye area.
      thanks for reaching out

      • Armando says:

        Thanks Geraldine
        What can you use to lighten a dark spot under the eye contour

        • Hi, for anything under the eye, you will need to see your dermatologist as the skin is extremely fine, they can ascertain whether this dark spot is from hormones or sun damage. They depending on their products they can recommend something or not.

  4. Lorraine Marie says:

    Yes it works great but at 170e its crazy money but have to say it will take a while to save to buy another one but its the best out der

  5. Mary says:

    Zo Retamax is not 1%. It has always been 0.5% Zo Advanced Night Repair is 1%.

    • Hi
      I am not sure where you are buying your Zo Retamax, but as you can see from the series of article we wrote originally from 2014 here in Hong Kong, the formulation is:

      RETAMAX 1% Retinol formula that is potent, RETAMAX™, 1% Retinol, potent, Dr, Zein Obagi, Hong Kong, biocellular, antioxidant, skin aging, review, stem cell. ZO Medical Retamax™,.

      I presume you are in Hong Kong?

  6. Cathy says:

    At 67, I recently purchased Wrinkle and Texture Repair 0.5% Retinol from my dermatologist. She told me to use a pea size drop every other night to begin with. I cannot find any mention of how to follow up. After applying, can I use a night time moisturizer or vitamin C, or do I use nothing?

    • Hi Cathay, its strange that your dermatologist did not give you follow up instructions, however you have to call the dermatologist for instructions as we have never seen your skin, and would not interfere with a dermatologists plan for your skin health. It sounds odd that you can’t contact them for this answer? Good luck

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