RESTORCALM™ a deep repair treatment

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ZO® Medical therapeutic skincare protocols include using RESTORCALM™ a cream designed to help reduce redness, calm irritation, and stimulate skin’s natural barrier restoration.  It provides immediate relief, comfort and hydration for sensitive, weak, dry or compromised skin.

As part of my skin preparation for a Thermage treatment, after using BRIGHTENEX™ in the morning I move onto to use RESTORCALM™. Actually RESTORCALM™ is used a.m. and p.m. after using BRIGHTENEX™ an application of RESTORCALM™ is exactly that – a treatment crème that slows down any skin reactions for added comfort to a stimulating, deep repair treatment program that BRIGHTENEX™ is offering.

RESTORCALM™ a deep repair treatment

Key ingredients in RESTORCALM™ include buddleja plant stem cell technology, and patented beta-glucan to sooth and slow skin reactions. In traditional medicine, Buddleja plants are widely used for their wound healing, anti-inflammatory and anti-bacterial properties. The stem cell culture has antioxidant, anti-inflammatory and photo protective activity.

RESTORCALM™ feels cool on your skin, for myself I use RESTORCALM™ by massaging the crème  into the skin. Dr. Zein Obagi wants his clients to have results and this can only be achieved by ensuring your 1- 2 pumps are massaged into the skin to achieve results.

RESTORCALM™ a deep repair treatment

You can adjust the comfort level of the Brightenex™ or Retamax™ treatments if you need too, by mixing equal parts of Brightenex™ or Retamax™ to calm an anticipated reaction.  I have seen an increased redness on my skin in the evenings after I progress with  Retamax™ and using the RESTORCALM™ afterwards has visibly taken away the slight irritation. I can mix more if  needed and give my skin a comfortable, cool relief sensation while my skin adjusts to the Retinol.

RESTORCALM™ a deep repair treatment

The new technology and advances in skin therapy has enabled Dr. Zein Obagi to create complex bio-engineered delivery systems that make his ZO® Medical therapeutic skincare products even more effective than the prior generation. Having the latest ingredients in your skin care is one thing, but having an effective delivery will deliver result and that is where ZO® Medical has excelled.

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