Red Scout’s Fragrance Express Training Course

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Red Scout’s Fragrance Express Training Course, so you sell fragrance in a retail department store and the question begs “Well, who trained you?” we are not talking product knowledge, we are talking about training in these four modules, Understanding Fragrance, Classifying Fragrance, Fragrance Products and finally Selling Fragrance.


Red Scout’s Fragrance Express Training Course

Red Scout is the online training beauty brand of Simone Pedersen and she asked me to go through the Fragrance modules, which I did. Even after all the years of being in the beauty industry I did not score a 100% on the Module 1 , but I did score a 100% on understanding that you never stop learning.


Simone Pedersen

These online modules are just so interesting, it’s not just about spraying the fragrance onto the customer and calling out the name of the brand, any idiot can do that. It’s about educating the customer on the structure of the fragrance, what to look for as your senses take the notes in from top middle to base.  I learnt how to store different strengths of fragrance correctly; I never knew that I should wipe clean the partum stopper before placing it back in a bottle to prevent bacteria gaining a foot hold in my partum. Actually no one ever told me at the fragrance counter, but I guess like me they did not know or had not been through Red Scout training.


Red Scout’s Fragrance Express Training Course

This is an intensive training course which has been written by industry specialists and utilizes Michael Edward’s Fragrance Wheel to teach retail fragrance assistants the fundamental information about the Fragrance categories. This is the perfect retail beauty course to supplement any beauty product training and maximize the customer’s in-store experience.


Red Scout’s Fragrance Express Training Course

Did you know that there are around 800 – 1000 new fragrances launched every year, in Module 2 a section on the four characteristics where the Michael Edwards wheel is an excellent training tool in an online environment. Floral, Oriental, Fresh and Wood characteristics were the only ones I thought existed but I was wrong , there is Aromatic Fougere the universal fragrance family that dates back from  1882. Still did not score 100% for Module 2 but the learning curve is going up.

Scented products from deodorant to bath milk all have a different skin type they relate to  these are the learning lessons in Module 3. At the end of the Module is a popular section on candles, most of which we use in a relaxed atmosphere and forget to use the right fragrant candles in the kitchen when cooking, and a floral candle is great to burn during that special dinner, I am still on the learning curve.

Finally in Module 4 did anyone at the fragrance counter ever tell you about “layering?” well it’s all in the final module, how your scent can last on different skin types and seeing the options that a fragrance house has developed within their collections that lead to layering a fragrance, at last I do well on this module but maybe that’s because as a consumer I understand how I want to be treated in a department store.

The industry knowledge that the Fragrance Consultant has in regard to the “World of Fragrance”  and not just the brand in front of them, will clearly demonstrate if they have had the proper training.  After all who do you want to buy from, a retail knowledge bank or just a bank pretending to be a retailer who just wants to ring up your credit card, now there must be a scent for that.

Red Scout’s Fragrance Express Training Course.


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