Rarekind – discovering recognizable uniqueness from Amorepacific

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Rarekind from Amorepacific, one of Korea’s leading cosmetics monopolies, is proud to announce the launch of a brand that has thrown out the old rulebook and re-defined makeup as art: Rarekind.

Makeup doesn’t have to be boring or neat — it can be playful and expressive. It can encourage boldness and foster innovative new looks that can spread like wildfire; all consumers’ need is the right match.

Everyone is unique, and all have their own style, so now is the time to pursue that new perspective, that new look, that new experience. The brands Amazon store opened on today, August 17th. Here are just a few of the products:

Rarekind - discovering recognizable uniqueness from Amorepacific

Rarekind – discovering recognizable uniqueness from Amorepacific

Oversmudge Lip Tint: Matte on the outside, moisture on the inside. Rarekind lip tint coats the surface of users’ lips with dazzling color, while moisturizing the inside of users’ lips with almond oil and shea butter to keep users’ lips looking great and comfy.

Rarekind Oversmudge Lip Tint is now available on Amazon

‘Rarelity’ Lipstick: Rare + Reality: Rarekind Rarelity lipstick creates a faded matte texture on users’ lips without the lumping, even when applied several times.

Rarekind ‘Rarelity’ Lipstick is now available on Amazon

Mini-Album Contour: Rarekind Contour set has a unique, retro design that is guaranteed to send users down memory lane.

Rarekind Mini-Album Contour is now available on Amazon

About Amorepacific Group

Amorepacific Group is a South Korean beauty and cosmetics conglomerate that was founded in 1945, it is the world’s 12th largest cosmetics company, including Sulwhasoo, Laneige, Hera, Iope and so on. Amorepacific has always been committed to beauty and health, and unremittingly pursues the harmony and unity of eastern and western cultures, the pursuit has become a reality.

Amorepacific Group’s brands have entered multiple markets around the world. Additionally, it not only has its own R&D centers, but also has overseas branches across the world. Its international marketing network covers more than 40 countries.

Rarekind – discovering recognizable uniqueness from Amorepacific

Moreover, there are more than 4,000 cosmetic items produced by Amorepacific, the high-quality products are welcomed by consumers around the world.

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