Rack Room Shoes launches the Real People Project campaign

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For more than a decade, Rack Room Shoes has featured real customers, instead of professional models,  in all of its seasonal advertisements. Selected through the retailer’s annual Models Wanted contest. The family footwear retailer announced the evolution of this well-known initiative with the launch of The Real People Project. The new content-driven campaign aims at celebrating the unique lives of Rack Room Shoes’ customers through authentic storytelling.

“Whether it’s one of adventure, heartbreak or simplicity, all of our customers have a special story to tell,” said Senior Director of Marketing Jan Mauldin. “The Real People Project places the customer at the heart of our business, but now, with an added dimension. We aren’t just featuring individuals and families, we are building a personal connection by exploring their remarkable everyday stories in an authentic way.”

Rack Room Shoes launches the Real People Project campaign

Rack Room Shoes launches the Real People Project campaign

Beginning in fall 2015, Rack Room Shoes began requesting its customers to share images of themselves through the retailer’s online. From a pool of thousands of entrants, the company conducted a series of interviews.

A production crew traveled to Lauren’s hometown in San Antonio to capture the essence of her story to share with the retailer’s online communities. Lauren’s story revolves around her passion for performance, dance and meaningful relationships,

Rack Room Shoes launches the Real People Project campaign

“The campaign is designed to create compelling and experiential content that celebrates our customers and encourages ongoing engagement with our online audiences,” said Mauldin. “We look forward to sharing the accomplishments and ambitions of the people who shop in our stores.” Headquartered in Charlotte, N.C., Rack Room Shoes is the family footwear retailer of choice.  Known as an innovator in the shoe industry for more than 90 years, Rack Room Shoes offers nationally recognized and private brands of shoes.

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