Rachel Weisz TIFF Leonor Greyl – Alex Polillo

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Celebrity hairstylist Alex Polillo styled movie star Rachel Weisz’s hair with Leonor Greyl products for the premiere of Youth at the Toronto International Film Festival on Saturday. “Rachel’s breathtaking Valentino dress is whimsical and begs for an equally playful updo. We got to work on her hair while it was still wet to create the look. I applied a generous amount of Leonor Greyl Condition Naturelle to her entire head, and worked it down throughout her strands. Then, I sectioned off a deep side part. I rough-dried her hair to establish a messy texture, and I twisted it up until it cooled off to render extra waves.

Rachel Weisz-TIFF-Leonor Greyl - Alex Polillo

Rachel Weisz-TIFF-Leonor Greyl – Alex Polillo

As I gently rolled her hair away from her face and pinned, I used a dab of Leonor Greyl Baume Bois de Rose on my fingers. This step makes it easier to grip and gather the hair together for easy pinning.Then I cocktailed more of the Baume Bois de rose to highlight and pull out several strands around her face. We wanted the look to appear effortless and not overdone, and this step is crucial to creating a natural look. I finished off with a spritz of Leonor Greyl Voluforme to lock in the style for the entire night. Rachel Weisz hair complemented the dress perfectly.”

Rachel Weisz-TIFF-Leonor Greyl – Alex Polillo

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