Presor 03 a healthy circulation from Vogue Image Group Australia

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Presor 03 a healthy circulation from Vogue Image Group Australia. The Melbourne based Vogue Image Group brings into Australia beauty technology and education, which far exceeds the norm.  I have enormous respect for Luca Mora CEO Vogue Image; here is a woman with an educational beauty background that stems from Hungary where Beauty Therapists were at one time educated to work only with Doctors or Dermatologists.


Presor 03 a healthy circulation from Vogue Image Group Australia

Luca’s educational career has never stopped, when she is explaining about any of the Vogue Image Groups pieces of beauty equipment, she is clear and concise, but once you have a demonstration with Luca,  her Hungarian educational expertise just kicks in and you will be amazed. Any of the highly developed equipment she demonstrates will always go beyond the numerous key issues a therapist originally thought they could work on.

Take for example my interest in Presor 03; this is a highly sophisticated computerized pressure therapy with a number of pre-set programmers to choose from to suit your blood pressure. Having undergone clinical trials it is also used in the medical field, particularly in physiotherapy, the treatment of post-operative oedema and cosmetic surgery. Thanks to its impact on the circulation, it is also recommended for the prevention of varicose veins.

Presor-03 is a pressure therapy system used to treat fluid retention and circulatory disorders in a natural, physiological way, with no need for surgical procedures or medicines, and I thought this key focus will suit me fine.



As Luca began to wrap my legs into the Presor 03 for a 30 minute treatment, she first examined my legs and talked about their – Health.  I could see she was not happy, it is rare to have that in-depth physical analysis when beauty equipment is used. I have weak veins and  I need to be aware of that this and what it means to my long term health. Moving forward I need to take a combination of vitamins to improve the strength of my veins and gentle exercise that is not too strenuous.

Luca recommended two products to combine with the Presor 03 that I have been using since my treatment, both of which have made an immense difference. For travelling I use SKEYNDOR COOLING BODY GEL a reaffirming gel complete anti-cellulite treatment  which has a pleasant and fresh feeling that tones and relaxes the body  containing a herbal complex with the effect of anti-elastase (an enzyme that breaks down proteins).

At home I use SKEYNDOR BODY SCULPT FIRMING-STRETCH MARKS MASSAGE CREAM:  A body massage cream formulated to treat aesthetic problems associated with stretch marks and sagging skin. A multivitamin formula with mango butter, its light and absorbs easily as a cream.

With Luca’s overall serious approach to my health and how the Presor 03 was going to aid with gentle treatments  it was just the motivation I needed  to find Presor 03 therapists when I travel in Australia.  To find a salon or spa in Australia with Presor-03 contact Vogue Image Group Pty Ltd, 68 Milton Parade, 3144 Malvern VIC, Phone 1800 55 45 45 or via their web site


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