PowerBrain Rx exercise your future in Hong Kong

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We always associate exercise with body image getting in shape or improving our mobility as we age, so have you ever thought of exercising your brain? For most mature age people this would not even cross their mind, or should I say cross their brain.  I was invited to attend an active information session at PowerBrain Rx here in Hong Kong. Initially I thought would my readers really be interested in something academic to mull over? Or more to the point,  would I be academically up to any tests the afternoon offered, after all we are talking about my aging brain.


PowerBrain Rx exercise your future in Hong Kong

I discovered a great deal about exercising my brain in the 35 minute consultative test that explores a person’s cognitive skills, your attention, processing speed, working memory, auditory processing, visual processing, logic and reasoning and long-term memory.


PowerBrain Rx exercise your future in Hong Kong

At first I thought memory issues do rise up in front of you as you age, move from one room to another and you can ‘t remember why you needed to move, or look at job opportunities  and reflect back on your work history with immediate dismissal.

Ulysse Wurtz Managing Director of PowerBrain Rx in Hong Kong explained that naturally the center initially had a focus on school students, at this point it’s important to remember that this is not a “tutoring center” to learning Math or English, here it’s all about your cognitive skills. However,  adults now look to the centre to rejuvenate or even discover cognitive skills they were not aware they had. PowerBrain Rx can offer a renewed confidence and empower a mature workforce who are still keen to contribute towards the present day high tech family.

PowerBrain Rx exercise your future in Hong Kong

I discovered I have a strong ability to work with languages, but while I was at school my attention in the language class room was weak but there was no method (or drill) in place to gain my attention.  When studying English Literature at school and reading Shakespeare, which I thought at the time was extremely boring,  I found later in life I could pick up one of Shakespeare’s plays read it fully, understand it and marvel at the structure in the language but I never studied this effectively at school.

My English Literature teacher had no passion and that lack on her part came at the class like a freight train. At PowerBrain Rx I understood that I held cognitive skills needed to explore opportunities, but my brain was just not being exercised, so exercising the right tools –  remember exercise the right tools and you will discover that you can get to where you want to be, regardless of age.

PowerBrain Rx Ltd 5/F, HSH Kowloon Centre, 192-194 Nathan Road, Kowloon, Hong Kong T/ +852 2302 0180

PowerBrain Rx exercise your future in Hong Kong


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