Post Ranch Inn at Big Sur A More Holistic Approach To Hospitality

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Big Sur’s Post Ranch Inn Announces Non-Toxic, Sustainable Hygiene Solution And A More Holistic Approach To Hospitality. Post Ranch Inn’s 40 rooms and suites on 100 acres of pristine Big Sur land ensure maximum guest privacy and natural social distancing.

Many guestrooms are individual structures, with no interior corridors or elevators, and separate entrances. Guests rarely encounter others when walking the property or hiking the miles of dedicated trails.

Post Ranch Inn has long been a leader in sustainable hospitality, including the importance of creating a healthy environment for guests and staff. In the wake of COVID-19, the management team, along with an advisory panel of experts, worked around the clock to reevaluate every aspect of its operating protocols.

Post Ranch Inn at Big Sur A More Holistic Approach To Hospitality

Post Ranch Inn at Big Sur A More Holistic Approach To Hospitality
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As a result, Post Ranch Inn adopted a science-backed, non-toxic, self-disinfecting, hygienic, sustainable cleaning and disinfection solution called Premium Purity ™, developed by Denmark-based company ACT.Global.

Premium Purity ™ Signature Sustainable Hygiene Solution

Post Ranch is the first hotel in the United States to utilize the innovative science and technology of Premium Purity ™ – a two-step, non-toxic, hygiene solution. While other hotels have disinfecting protocols, many will use harmful chemicals that are either ammonia or bleach-based and with “spot” or temporary disinfection.

The first step of Premium Purity ™ is to apply the non-toxic ACT CleanCoat™ to ALL indoor surfaces exposed to light, rendering them self-disinfecting through photocatalysis, which decomposes microorganisms including bacteria, molds, and viruses, as well as VOCs, resulting in anti-microbial surfaces and cleaner air for 12 months after initial application.

After application, it leaves no lasting chemical residue, reverting to salt and water. ACT.Global has provided Post Ranch with the equipment to produce the ECA Water on site, which reduces plastic waste and toxins associated with cleaning while providing a hospital grade disinfection that is non-toxic, environmentally friendly, and safe for guests and staff. All vehicles are properly disinfected with ECA Water.

“Post Ranch Inn is investing in a long-term clean air solution, with Premium Purity’s ability to transform surfaces into an active cleaning asset, creating a healthier indoor environment, which is a key preventative measure when discussing overall heath, in addition to this specific viral threat.

They are ensuring that the health of their guests and staff is maximized, with minimal negative impact.” – Bill Hayward, founder of The Hayward Score and authority on indoor environmental quality, member of the Post Ranch Inn Advisory Panel

As of its July 15 reopening, guests will experience a number of additional enhancements ensuring their health and safety, including: property access limited to only overnight hotel guests and staff, expedited check-in to minimize contact, frequently sanitized and restocked mini-bars and in-room amenities, enhanced outdoor dining opportunities, additional non-touch spa modalities and outside yoga classes added to the spa menu, and custom face masks and hand sanitizers aplenty.

Offering an enhanced guest experience in direct response to the new challenges facing the hospitality industry and concerned travelers, there is no more healthy, safe and magical place to reconnect with nature and luxuriate in a healthful respite than Post Ranch.

Post Ranch Inn at Big Sur A More Holistic Approach To Hospitality

Post Ranch Inn shares in this exciting announcement with their two UK hotel partners, Ashford Castle in Ireland and the Milestone Hotel in London, both of whom share Post Ranch’s commitment to sustainability and are the first UK hotels to utilize the Premium Purity ™ technology.

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