PortoVino, The Wine Lover’s Purse Winter 2020

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PortoVino, The Wine Lover’s Purse Winter 2020. We all know that going to bars and restaurants can feel a little off right now considering the state of emergency our country is currently in, but PortoVino wine purse, the wine lover’s go-to purse brand, is here to get those worries off your mind by giving you multiple options to discreetly carry your wine in your purse.

The ultimate “fashion meets functionality” company is launching not one, not two, but three new bags for you to spice up your closet as well as your plans. The PortoVino Wine Purse is now offering an uber chic backpack, clutch, and handbag.

The first in line is the stylish and fashionable PortoVino Tokyo Backpack. This vegan leather backpack can easily fill the included beverage pouch with up to 2 bottles of wine or 1.5L of any beverage in the insulated zippered pocket, while still leaving plenty of room for you to keep your essentials in the main compartment.

PortoVino, The Wine Lover's Purse Winter 2020

PortoVino, The Wine Lover’s Purse Winter 2020

This is hands-down the comfiest bag of them all, because it requires no hands, so it’s an ideal buy if you’re a mom on the go that doesn’t have enough hands to carry purses and coolers along with your kids’ belongings too. And hey, who said you can’t fill those pouches with cold brew instead of wine?

Next is the PortoVino LA Clutch. You might think that a clutch wouldn’t be able to fit that much wine in it, but this one can. This sleek, compact, and easy to carry clutch bag is able to fit all your essentials, plus the included beverage pouch filled with a whole bottle of wine or 750 ml of your beverage of choice.

This clutch is perfect for weddings, parties, or fancy dates, and it comes with a cross-body strap for when you want to dress it down a bit. Keeping it classy but still functional, right on brand for PortoVino.

The PortoVino Tuscanino and the PortoVino Tuscany (now available in a beautiful black vegan leather) both hail from the already popular Tuscany collection. The Tuscanino is a single spout handbag that gives you the ability to store and pour up to two bottles of wine on the go, while the Tuscany “double pour” gives you that exact option!

The ability to store two different beverages if you want! Coupled with the ability hold all of your essentials like keys, wallets, and the kitchen sink, you really can’t go wrong with either of these options!

Last but certainly not least, is the PortoVino Roma Handbag. It is the perfect size if you’re looking for a bag to bring to your intimate and chic get-togethers that is big enough to fit all your essentials, but not too big where it ends up taking up too much space.

PortoVino, The Wine Lover’s Purse Winter 2020

This handbag can store and pour a full bottle of wine or 750ml of your favorite beverage in the hidden insulated side compartment. The Roma handle bag also includes an extra middle pocket, side pockets for your cell, and a cross-body strap for your wearing preference. It is the ideal everyday bag, and you can wear it with or without the removable pouch because it’s just that flexible and stylish.

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