Perfume scented hand sanitiser workshops Parfumerie Trésor

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Perfume scented hand sanitiser workshops Parfumerie Trésor. As we use hand sanitisers on a daily basis not only causes our skin to become dry, sensitive, but it also has a rather discomforting smell to it.

Would it be great to have a tailor-made hand sanitiser that not only moisturises your skin but also contains your own personal scent that is uniquely yours?

After numerous attempts, Parfumerie Trésor finally mastered a formula to create your own perfume scented hand sanitiser.

From today onwards, we will hold a series of perfume scented hand sanitiser workshops on a weekly basis and would like to invite everyone to join us in tailor making a perfume scented sanitiser with their own scent from our perfume collection.

The workshop will be approximately 45-minutes and made up of two sections – in the first section, our parfumerie will introduce guests into the world of niche perfumes, and how to choose the right perfume for themselves.

They will then be taken on a tasting journey of a selection of perfumes based on the season and preferences of the attendees.  At the end the parfumeries will personally assist each person into choosing their favourite perfume that they will then incorporate into their own hand made perfume scented hand sanitiser.

Perfume scented hand sanitiser workshops Parfumerie Trésor

Perfume scented hand sanitiser workshops Parfumerie Trésor

Our parfumeries will guide each attending guest into making their own one-of-a-kind perfume scented hand sanitiser.   Allow the beauty of perfumes help you through the current situation and let us maintain our own health in the most beautiful and elegant way.

You can find your own personal and unique scent from Parfumerie Trésor’s collection of 300 flacons of perfumes from an exclusively curated selection of perfume brands.

Requirements for a perfume scented hand sanitiser:

  • Perfume scented hand sanitiser has 75% alcohol that is sufficient for daily sanitising purpose;
  • Contains glycerin and aloe vera to keep your hands moisturised after usage; • Your hands will smell fragrant only after a few seconds of using your hand made perfume scented hand sanitiser

Perfume scented hand sanitiser workshop details:   Dates:  Every Saturday (from today onwards) Time:  12pm – 1pm / 3pm-4pm Venue:  Parfumerie Trésor Sheung Wan Boutique (G/F, 18 Upper Station Street)   Price:  HK$200 per person Or you can join at complimentary with a friend with    purchases of HK$1,500 or more on any exclusive brand products at Parfumerie    Trésor   • For more details, feel free to contact us through Facebook or Instagram inbox, or message us on our WhatsApp or phone +852 6510 0922

Perfume scented hand sanitiser workshops Parfumerie Trésor

  • Seats are limited as each workshop is conducted in small groups and on a first-come-first serve basis.

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