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At Studio 8 in Hong Kong Atelier Patrick Henri creates beautiful looks so quickly and at the same time he teaches you the best way to apply Collistar products. When I met up with Patrick recently we talked about the ease of applying Collistar makeup and focused on two products that soften your look, that may sound strange as one of the products was Collistar Shock Mascara. For me the shock was that Patrick commented “Let’s move away from the staple black color and try this rich dark brown”.

Collistar Mascara SHOCK Color: Brown Shock

The wonderful aspect about this mascara is the curved applicator that acts ‘as a curler’, shaping the lashes making them long without crystallizing. The application is very simple and if you just take your time you can spread out the mascara evenly so you will not create lumps. By the first application the effect is clear and decisive, the eyelashes have a curve and volume, the best advice with this gem of a mascara is not to overdo it. Patrick achieved his effect with just two passes of the brush, giving a result of super eyelashes.  With Collistar, no trace of allergies, itching, or red eyes. The mascara is suitable for people with sensitive eyes and wear contact lenses.

Now your lashes are turned into works of art: the exclusive design amplifies volume instantly, lengthening and shaping lashes perfectly, opening them outwards like a fan for spectacular panoramic volume and making the eyes look wider and truly magnetic. The brush is a little hi-tech masterpiece down to the finest detail, from its slender tapered profile to the arrangement of the bristles.

Patrick Henri beautiful everyday eyes – Collistar

This mascara has an extra-long-lasting hold, anti-age action and treatment. Thanks to the moisturizing proper ties of carnauba wax and soy lecithin and the outstanding antioxidant action of its vitamin C + E complex. The product’s exclusive formula prevents the formation of free radicals to keep lashes youthful, strong and elastic.

Patrick Henri beautiful everyday eyes - Collistar

Patrick Henri beautiful everyday eyes – Collistar

Magic Eyeshadow Color and Perfection n. 2 Nude

As eyeshadow has evolved not just in color, but in so many types of texture it is here in texture and applicator that Collistar has created the magic of an innovative liquid eye shadow: a high tech marvel which brings you long-lasting color and perfection. Light, weightless and easy to blend in, creating a fine layer of color which adheres perfectly to the eyelids, smoothing and minimizing all imperfections. Special high-performance pigments guarantee pure, luminous color which stays in place all day long. Even in Hong Kong with all the high humidity we have at the moment, it was just perfect worn alone, it can also be applied before a powder eye shadow for a more customized make-up look.

Patrick Henri beautiful everyday eyes - Collistar

Patrick Henri beautiful everyday eyes – Collistar

There are 4 shades of this magical liquid eye shadow that promises to withstand everything that the weather can throw at the product. The texture is soft and silky to the touch, the color Nude which Patrick tried on my eyes was soft and just gave the perfect finish to my lids. Patrick used the sponge applicator to put product on his hand, then placed a dot in the center of the eyelid and blended gently over the lid, easy as 1,2,3 and you are ready to go.

The Collistar collection can be purchased from Patrick Henri, Studio 8 8th Floor, CNT Commercial Building, 302 Queen’s Road Central, Sheung Wan, Hong Kong. Telephone +852.2110.1894.

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