Parfumerie Trésor – Scent of Seduction

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Parfumerie Trésor – Scent of Seduction.The Goddess of love, beauty and lust.  Aphrodite was well known for her natural beauty, allure and appeal that no one could resist.  It is written that in Greek mythology Aphrodite seduces all that watches her. While she bathes in her room in the depths of the forest. With the sparkling golden drops of water that washes down her silky smooth skin.

All those that watches her cannot resist her charms, they are simply captivated by her beauty. In modern day terms, it is like suddenly detecting this sweet and tasty scent of vanilla when you’re hungry and you just cannot help but salivate at the allure of the scent. Just like that the scent of vanilla becomes irresistible and all you can think of is devour that sweet vanilla.

Parfumerie Trésor - Scent of Seduction

Parfumerie Trésor – Scent of Seduction

This urge to devour something so irresistible is just like the perfume that “she” exudes.

Brand : Laurent Mazzone
Name : Sensual & Decadent – GOLD Label
Price : HKD 5,250 / 100ml
Sensual & Decadent by Laurent Mazzone is a re-imagination of Goddess Aprodites charm locked into a bottle. Aprodite’s charm and
allure is a combination of her own natural sweet vanilla scent blended with her boudoirs scented blend of aphrodisiac ylang-ylang, labdanum
and precious oud to create an ever so elegant and seductive scent.

Top notes: Lysiana, Rhubarb
Heart notes: Heliotrope, Labdanum
Base notes: Oud, Vanilla

Brand : Jeroboam Parfums
Name : Insulo
Price : HKD 1,280 / 30ml
Insulo by Jeroboam blends together three alluring ingredients to bring out
a rich texture that people simply can resist. The polar opposites of the
soft vanilla and rich musk with a layer of fresh jasmine creates an ever
seductive aroma.

Top notes: Vanilla
Heart notes: Jasmine
Base notes: Musk, Insulo

Parfumerie Trésor – Scent of Seduction

Point of Sales: G/F, 18 Upper Station Street, Sheung Wan, Hong Kong
For enquiries: 2711 5922
Official website:

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