Parfumerie Trésor has my mother’s scent

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Growing up our mother’s always gave the best to us. As we get older there is no idenying that we can always find shelter in the warmth of our mother’s embrace. Just being in their arms during down times and being surrounded by that scent they always had would always remind us no matter how tough things get there will always be a home and family to run to. As adulthood embarks upon us it gets harder and harder to go home therefore I rely on spraying the bottle of perfume my mother uses just to remind me of the warmth of my mother’s embrace when time’s get hard. Scent is a wonderful thing, it is one of the most  meaningful and sentimental gifts you can give someone.

Brand: Isabey
Perfume Name: La Route d’Emeraude
Price: HK$ 1,680 / 50ml

Did you ever play dress up in your mother’s clothes when you were young? My mother always seemed to have the most beautiful collection of clothes and accessories as she always looked her best. Isabey is a brand from the 19th Century, it was a brand loved by many fashionable woman back then and have stood the test of time. Their classic feminine creations are still loved by many now and is a perfume that is best for the always stylish and beautiful mother!

Head note: Bergamot, rose, cinnamon
Heart note: Jasmine, orange blossom, tuberose
Base note: Amber, vanilla, musk

Parfumerie Trésor My mother's scent

Isabey – La Route d’Emeraude
HK$ 1,680 / 50ml


Brand: Evody
Perfume Name: Pomme d’Or
Price: HK$ 1,180 / 50ml

Pomme d’Or is a fresh blend of bergamot and lime, a scent that keeps you refreshed
throughout the day! This is the perfect scent for a mother always on the go during the
hot summer days!

Head note: Bergamot, lime
Heart note: Juniper, lotus
Base note: Oakmoss, cedar


Parfumerie Trésor My mother's scent

Evody – Pomme d’Or
HK$ 1,180 / 50ml

Brand: Xerjoff
Perfume Name: Cruz Del Sur I
Price: HK$ 2,880 / 50ml

I always looked up to my mother, she was always so poised and elegant. She was my role model and I always tried my best to emulate the charisma and elegance my mother possessed. Xerjoff is an Italian perfume brand known for its high quality creations containing only the world’s best ingredients. Cruz Del Sur I’s warm blend of cedar wood, cinnamon and rum is a one of a kind scent that is most befitting for my ever elegant and unique mother.

Head note: Grapes, rum
Heart note: Clove, cinnamon, cumin, pine
Base note: Cedar wood, labdanum, castoreum, myrrh, leather

Parfumerie Trésor has my mother’s scent

Parfumerie Trésor My mother's scent

Xerjoff – Cruz del Sur I HK$ 2,880 / 50ml

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