Parfumerie Trésor – Aurora, the newest perfume!

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Aurora, the newest perfume created in France and designed in Hong Kong.The meaning of life is to enjoy every little moment, to chase the embodiment of elegance and beauty. Today, we bring you to admire the beautiful sensation of Aurora. The refined and elegant French aurora.

Our story. Aurora began as a romantic idea, a journey in pursuit of French elegance and fashion. Charles Wong the creator of Aurora chased this dream and traveled halfway across the world to Grasse, France – the capital of French perfumery. He searched far and wide for the right perfumer to work with and stumbled upon Parfums Corialys’ perfumer Mr. Richard Asfour. Working closely with him for over a year. Charles and Richard was able to create Aurora. The the dream scent that Charles only dared to imagine became an actual perfume creation. Between two gentlemen from France and Hong Kong respectively.

Parfumerie Trésor - Aurora, the newest perfume!

Parfumerie Trésor – Aurora, the newest perfume!

The scent is like a well dressed gentleman or a classy elegant lady; like the main protagonist in a classic love story set in the modern day. This is a scent that reminds you of that natural elegance one has, without trying too hard they exude a scent that could never be forgotten.

Aurora – the perfume. A refreshingly elegant scent, perfect for any mood or occasion. It blends together ingredients from the west such as bergamot with ingredients in the east including rice which is an important part of Chinese culture. Together with elements of nature a mysteriously airy and soothing scent is born. The perfume blends together the best of the east and the best of west. Aurora allows you to experience elegance and nolstalgia in a bottle.

Parfumerie Trésor – Aurora, the newest perfume!


Top notes: Fig leaves, blackcurrant bug, bergamot

Heart notes: Rice, water lotus, bamboo, rain

Base notes: Oakmoss, amber, sea minerals, sea moss, freesia, sea.

Parfumerie Trésor, G/F, 18 Upper Station Street, Sheung Wan, Hong Kong. For enquiries: 2711 5922. Official website:

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