Pantone Green for IXXI Green Natural Products

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Pantone Green for IXXI Green Natural Products. The Inixial Daytime Care normal to combination skin prevents the appearance of first signs of aging, moisturizes and energizes tired skin.

Pantone Green for IXXI Green Natural Products


The Inixial Daytime Care dry to sensitive skin is rich in nourishing active ingredients; this specific treatment for dry and sensitive skin types prevents the appearance of first signs of aging, moisturizes and energizes tired skin.

Pantone Green for IXXI Green Natural Products

IXXI products are available at Duane Reade.

Over five years of research carried out by the IXXI laboratory have culminated in the formulation of a powerful active ingredient with genuine global anti-aging action : natural OPC PIN, patented for its 3 properties : powerful antioxidant, dermo-protective, repairing.

Formulated with OPC PIN, extracted from the bark of pine trees growing in the Southwest of France, Landes forest, the IXXI line targets cutaneous aging, from prevention to treating the deepest wrinkles. IXXI products help fight against signs of aging, while honoring nature, the source of their invaluable active ingredients.


The four letters in IXXI, a cosmetic brand with a focus on anti-ageing care, convey the serenity of trees and the mysterious allure of the far recesses of forests and woods, whispering of harmony and balance. IXXI is a skincare brand that entices with its deep-lying connection to nature and its secrets.

100% French Brand

In the beginning: DRT (Dérivés Résiniques et Terpéniques), a leading player with widespread recognition in sustainable green chemistr. As well as chemical expert of pine derivatives. Founded in 1932, DRT is an independent family-owned business. That develops derivatives of pine from the Landes region in France: resins, terpenes and nutraceuticals.

With 1,000 employees and 350 million euros in sales, of which 80% are made internationally. DRT has demonstrated solid growth since its inception.  Thanks to a team of high-level scientists, the company maintains permanent research activit. To develop new applications for its active ingredients.

Pantone Green for IXXI Green Natural Products

Located in the Landes region of southwestern France, at the heart of thousands of hectares of forests. DRT supplies products with very high added value to over twenty industrial sectors. Led by perfumery, adhesives, rubber, chewing-gum and dietary supplements.  A selection of more than 250 everyday products used by consumers from all over the world.


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