Pamper yourself with Daily Concepts’ New Spa-To-Go Kit

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The new Daily Concepts Spa-To-Go Kit is a great asset to any luxury hotel bathroom, on a recent trip to Australia staying at The Park Hyatt Melbourne I took my kit with me and set up the kit in their fabulous bathroom. As I am based in Hong Kong having a great bathroom on any business or vacation trips is a real joy. However I have sometimes been disappointed at the lack of good size amenities and those that can really complement a beautiful hotel bathroom. With the Spa-To-Go Kit its as simple as 1,2,3 open and attach your kit to the wall of the bathroom or mirror using the two suctions, then its purify, detox and nourish with environmentally friendly super food skincare treatments.

Never book another costly appointment with Daily Concepts’ new Spa-To-Go, an all-inclusive kit that brings the spa to you. Comprised of six skincare essentials—Cleansing Wash, Exfoliating Scrub, Purging Mask, Hydrating Lotion, Renewal Oil, and the brand’s best-selling Your Stretch Wash Cloth—the Spa-To-Go contains everything needed to purify skin, resulting in a glowing and refreshed complexion no matter the location.

Pamper yourself with Daily Concepts’ New Spa-To-Go Kit

Pamper yourself with Daily Concepts’ New Spa-To-Go Kit

Pamper yourself with Daily Concepts’ New Spa-To-Go Kit


  • Cleansing Wash – Purifies and hydrates through the binding of water molecules while lavender and Lucuma, a Peruvian super fruit, soothe and calm irritated skin.


  • Hydrating Lotion – Combines plant-based humectants with Sacha Inchi Oil, an Amazonian omega-rich oil dubbed the “Fruit of Youth,” to detoxify, repair, and refine skin.


  • Purging Mask – Assists in releasing trapped toxins and deeply nourishing skin while Bilberry extract works to balance overall skin tone for a brighter complexion


  • Exfoliating Scrub – Polishes skin using a unique mixture of rice powder, apricot seed, and non-GMO corn meal to shed daily build-up and increases future absorption of subsequent Daily Concepts products.


  • Renewal Oil – Promotes your skin’s natural vitality and radiance through a synergistic, lightweight blend of essential oils and botanical extracts, including rosemary, lavender, and eucalyptus, to stimulate circulation and remove toxins.


  • Your Stretch Wash Cloth – Expands to scrub at those hard-to-reach spots and has just the right texture for both an efficient and luxuriant shower experience.

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