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The new Spa at Park Hyatt Sydney is not only designed with luxurious sophistication, but has an incredible line of skin care products to complement this stunning spa, that are totally results related, and with Diamond Extreme Eye treatments by  NATURA BISSÉ  you will as NATURA BISSE say ” Look younger in the wink of an eye.”

The Park Hyatt Spa opened its newly renovated doors February 2012, the spa team is led by Haree Park  the spa choose a very exclusive line of products NATURA BISSÉ who are headquartered in Barcelona Spain.  I have reviewed their products in New York and this line really is worth stopping by the spa and experiencing the treatments. 

Last year in New York at Bergdorf Goodman NATURA BISSÉ launched THE CURE SHEER EYE which is one of the finest concealer eye treatments you can buy,  at that time most of the Bergdorf beauty team kept telling me that the DIAMOND EXTREME EYE treatments were not to be passed up – to hear that from a New York beauty team who has the choice of so many products I decided to listen, and now here in Sydney at the Park Hyatt their spa selected this range as their preferred choice.
There are two spa eye treatments on the spa menu, “dream eye” offering a dreamy, youthful appearance, the eye area is renewed with this intensive collagen and elastin treatment formulated to restore firmness around eyes. 30 minutes AUD 80 / 90 and  “eye light”  to enliven your appearance with a marine seaweed eye treatment that reduced puffiness and the appearance of dark circles, to renew your view on aging 30 minutes AUD  80 / 90.

Take home DIAMOND EXTREME EYE an exceptionally firming treatment cream that contains “Artemia Salina”, a cutting-edge ATP bio-energy source obtained from plankton, a marine extract considered to be a high energy precursor, essential for stimulating cell metabolism, as well as an innovative regenerating molecule known as “Epidermal Self-Modulator” that reinforces the skin’s natural barrier by targeting the “nucleus” of aging skin. This molecule was created through biotechnological procedures and tested through an advanced testing system called DNA Technology, where it proved its extraordinary capacity to modulate the epidermis’ renewing process, resulting in youthful and luminous skin. DIAMOND EXTREME EYE contains other extraordinarily regenerating ingredients included in the DIAMOND COLLECTION, such as ursolic acid, amino acids, soy proteins, sweet pea extract and vitamins.  FOR A YOUNGER LOOK IN THE WINK OF AN EYE

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