OLIVEDA International Inc. debuts on the NY International Stock Exchange (NASDAQ)

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What started in 1997 as a personal health quest, turned former German real estate broker Thomas Lommel into a natural skin and body care manufacturer and Founder and CEO of OLIVEDA and Olive Tree People.

Today, OLIVEDA leads the way in natural cosmetics and health, wellness and science innovation internationally, all the way from Germany via Mediterranean olive groves to NASDAQ, with an initial public offering in May 2017.

After successfully curing himself with the help of substances from the olive tree and developing his first product and his famous “Olive Tree Therapy” in 2001, Lommel founded OLIVEDA in 2003. The “Olive Tree Therapy”, coined a type of “Mediterranean Ayurveda” by enthusiastic fans and patients, has been proven by medical tests to set back its patients’ biological clock up to “10 years in 14 days”. A book with the same title is available in German and English. The effectiveness of this body and soul therapy has been confirmed by physicians and laboratories all over Europe.

OLIVEDA International Inc. debuts on the NY International Stock Exchange (NASDAQ)

All OLIVEDA products are based on the tremendous healing properties of the extracts of the olive leaf. Unlike conventional cosmetics that consist of seventy percent of water, OLIVEDA’s effective main ingredient is the highly potent “cell elixir” or “juice extract” from the olive leaf, which empowers olive trees to thrive for up to 4000 years. Over 65 holistic concoctions for both internal and external use are part of the cult label’s broad product range. OLIVEDA has fans all over the world, including many celebrities.

Lommel also believes that “his” trees communicate with one another and with humans, with amazing therapeutic effects. In 2015, OLIVEDA developed a completely new type of “wearables” or high tech “wristbands”, called “Olives”. Connecting people all over the world with the energy and information of OLIVEDA’s mountain olive trees in the remote Spanish olive grove. Thomas Lommel calls it “Olive Tree Homeopathy.” The high-tech bracelet also offers a comprehensive beauty and stress management based on the principles of the “Olive Tree Therapy” and meditation to the sound of the trees. Naturally, the “Olive” wristlet also measures heart-beat, blood pressure, steps, sun intensity, calories, etc.

With OLIVEDA International Inc., Lommel combines the growth markets of high tech organic cosmetics and green tech “wearables”, creating natural synergies. The main protagonists and foundation of the entire business are the mountain olive trees. Currently, OLIVEDA owns and preserves 10 million square feet of mountain olive trees.

By September 2017, the “wearables” sector will be incorporated into OLIVEDA International Inc. Starting with the German headquarters, which has generated more than 65% growth in Germany, Austria and Switzerland in 2016. It merged into OLIVEDA International Inc. in April 2017.

For OLIVEDA’s May 2017 IPO, Thomas Lommel anticipates a market capitalization of $50 million. After the successful launch of the globally unique wearable “Olive” and OLIVEDA cosmetics’ further international expansion. A market capitalization of at least $200 million is predicted for 2020.

OLIVEDA International Inc. debuts on the NY International Stock Exchange (NASDAQ)

In 2015, OLIVEDA developed its Olive Tree Pharmacy store concept. With stores in Berlin, Düsseldorf (Germany) and Taipei (Taiwan) already in operation. A Los Angeles location will open in the summer of 2017. The company is positioned to operate an additional 20 stores. Plus 100 franchise stores around the world by 2020

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