No surgery no downtime new insta-facelift

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No surgery no downtime new insta-facelift. It’s been called the instant facelift, but does it really work? Results are subtle, but extraordinary… in the right patient. That’s according to an expert consensus on Silhouette Instalift recently published in the scientific literature.

It’s an era in which nonsurgical aesthetic treatments reign supreme, and Silhouette Instalift has become the latest media darling for offering a minimally invasive facelifting solution. But, compared with the more traditional time- and recovery-intensive surgical facelift, it may also sound like a too-good-to-be-true facelift.

No surgery no downtime new insta-facelift

To examine whether Silhouette Instalift is a viable, clinical alternative to the surgical facelift, a group of U.S.-based plastic surgeons and dermatologists conducted a literature search to establish clinical practice guidelines for using this minimally invasive facelifting technology.

“In our research we found that absorbable suspension sutures used in the face are highly effective for repositioning underlying tissue and adding volume to the moderately aging face,” says Dr. Julius Few, study author and Founder of The Few Institute.

Importantly, they also found that patient selection is key to optimal results. Ideal candidates are from 35 to 65 years of age and have good facial skin and tissue quality. However, those with thin skin or heavy faces are not considered good candidates.

Researchers concluded that when the procedure is performed properly, Silhouette Instalift is a viable, clinical alternative to the more traditional surgical facelift.

Dr. Few is available to further discuss Silhouette Instalift and the implications this technology has on the future of facelifting.

About Silhouette Instalift

Silhouette Instalift is an FDA-approved technology that lifts facial skin and tissue using absorbable suspension sutures for immediate results with minimal facial trauma.

Silhouette Instalift redefines the face, often in just 20 minutes, without bruising or scarring. Absorbable sutures and threads with tiny cones are used to lift and suspend sagging skin. New collagen grows around the tiny cones, providing longer, firmer support for skin. Patients are fully awake and long lasting results can be seen instantly – with outcomes getting better over time.

No surgery no downtime new insta-facelift

Patients love Silhouette Instalift because it helps increase volume and restore shapeliness to the face naturally. Plus, it’s FDA-cleared to be used safely and effectively in patients of all skin tones and ages.


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