NB-Ceutical SPF 50 hydrating sunscreen fluid

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NB-Ceutical SPF 50 Extra Smooth High Protection is a rich, highly protective and deliciously moisturizing SPF cream. Formulated with an ultra-efficient combination of physical and chemical filters, it provides advanced photo-protection from UVA/UVB rays, helping prevent cellular DNA damage, the appearance of dark spots and loss of firmness. Hypoallergenic and free of parabens and alcohol, it is ideal for sensitive skin, but can also be used on all skin types. Colour-free it leaves no white residue and is ideal for daily use.

This extraordinary sunscreen provides intense hydration making it the perfect choice for skin that has been exposed to sun, or skin that has been sensitized due to medi-aesthetic treatments (peelings, laser, dermabrasion, etc.). This outstanding formula helps increase the skin’s self-protection capability against sun rays and other external aggressors that may alter its natural self-defence mechanisms. Skin remains hydrated, smooth and protected, which aids the prevention of premature aging.

NB-Ceutical SPF 50 hydrating sunscreen fluid

NB-Ceutical SPF 50 hydrating sunscreen fluid


NB-Ceutical SPF 50 hydrating sunscreen fluid

Key Ingredients SPF 50 UVB + UVA
Optimized combination of chemical and physical sun filters. Chemical sun filters are highly efficient filters that absorb and disperse UVB radiation and impede the accumulation of melanin on the surface of the skin. Physical sun filters (titanium dioxide and zinc oxide) effectively minimize the damage caused by UVA and UVB rays and hinder their effect to prevent the deterioration of the skin.
Vitamin E (a-tocoferol): Contains excellent hydrating and antioxidant properties; significantly diminishes skin sensitivity when applied after exposure to UVB rays
Vitamin F: Essential fatty acids (omega 3 and omega 6) that are vital to the skin’s protective barrier; they allow the cells to recover their hydration at their most superficial levels, thereby increasing the skin’s resistance to external aggressions while protecting it from dryness and the sensation of tightness.
Betaine: A completely natural compound found in sugar beet. It has unique water binding and cell membrane protecting properties
Panthenol: Panthenol improves hydration, skin suppleness and smoothness. It provides an anti-inflammation and soothing effect, reduces itchiness, sun allergies and redness. It enhances cellular growth, improves the skins barrier and accelerates the healing process, repairing damaged skin.Glycerin + Arginine: intensely hydrating, they prevent transepidermal water loss.
Available in Size: 30 ml / 1 oz Price: £59.00 Stockists: Liberty & Harrods

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