Natura Bisse Diamond Collection – the jewel of skincare

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WHY DIAMOND COLLECTION: DIAMOND COLLECTION by NATURA BISSÉ is the latest generation of skin care, formulated to regenerate and re-energize the skin using innovative technology and advanced anti-aging ingredients.  DIAMOND COLLECTION by NATURA BISSÉ utilizes a unique regenerating process to reach deeply into the skin’s core components to counteract the natural aging process, and environmental factors that erode the skin’s inherent ability to renew itself.  NATURA BISSÉ’s research efforts have produced an innovative treatment based on active ingredients that until now have not been used in a global anti-aging process. DIAMOND COLLECTION by NATURA BISSÉ is the natural evolution of technologically advanced ingredients formulated in our most sophisticated and unique treatment to generate spectacular results.

Natura Bisse Diamond Collection - the jewel of skincare

Natura Bisse Diamond Collection – the jewel of skincare

BENEFITS OF DIAMOND COLLECTION: DIAMOND COLLECTION by NATURA BISSÉ, a totally new, deeply penetrating formula to pamper your skin with innovative technologically advanced Anti-aging ingredients to provide a unique regenerating process. Instant doses of vitality and energy applied directly to the skin. Attacks frown-lines and wrinkles – Increases elasticity and firmness – Totally rehydrates the skin – Restores softness and suppleness to the skin. – Long-lasting lifting properties – Global Anti-aging treatment – Use day and night

Natura Bisse Diamond Collection – the jewel of skincare

Artemia Salina is a completely new marine bio-energy source with the ability to adapt to any environmental condition. It has the ability to adapt itself to critical vital conditions, such as dehydration or high osmotic pressure, isolating itself and remaining in a quiescent state. Due to its high energy reservoir, as soon as environmental conditions improve, it awakens and restores normal cellular functions. Artemia Salina Extract gives your skin the capacity to survive and thrive in any environment, with the highest cellular energy source available in skincare to date.

High concentrations of essential elements help fortify the skin’s natural resistance to the breakdown of Collagen and Elastin, while promoting Collagen production to maintain skin tone, firmness and elasticity at optimum levels. Pure Ursolic acid (obtained from phyto-extracts) is one of the most powerful elastase inhibitors, helping to fight progressive destruction of the elastic fibers in the dermis, one of the aging processes which is partly responsible for visible signs of aging. It also has the ability to improve photo damaged skin.

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