My Kitchen Rules winners win the game of life

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When I first saw the images of Dan and Steph Mulheron 2013 from My Kitchen Rules, I thought to myself “Well they must be really pleased at winning a TV show”, and then I proceeded to do some research on the season winners.  I had a serious problem with the winners;  in terms of the way they kept changing their appearance in My Kitchen Rules images, so I had to keep checking back to find out were these the same people.

My Kitchen Rules winners win the game of life

My Kitchen Rules winners win the game of life

Initially I thought I must be looking at the program winners from another country. No, this was the Australia 2013 My Kitchen Rules winners Dan and Steph Mulheron but they were now winners in more ways than one.   The My Kitchen Rules winners and Bodytrim ambassadors have now lost a whopping 20 kilos, all to a life changing determination to be healthy, guided by Geoff Jowett who has changed so many lives in Australia its unreal. Here are some of their thoughts from the new look My Kitchen Rule winners 2013 and Bodytrim Ambassadors Dan and Steph Mulheron.

My Kitchen Rules winners win the game of life

 1.       Can you tell us truly what or where was that Aha! moment where determination took over for change, and you left the old road behind?

After winning MKR we knew we needed to do something with our weight and health, as we really want to start a family next year. We also want to be around as long as possible for our children, so incorporating a healthier lifestyle is the best start to our family.

My Kitchen Rules winners win the game of life

My Kitchen Rules winners win the game of life

 2.       How has your cooking style changed, when you are preparing a menu, where is taste, calories, food appeal now coming into a balance in your kitchen?

Our cooking style has changed slightly, as we now have a whole bunch of new ingredients to use on a daily basis, which makes us experiment. It’s lots of fun, and our food still has heaps of flavour and variety!

My Kitchen Rules winners win the game of life

My Kitchen Rules winners win the game of life

 3.       As Bodytrim Ambassadors and we all know the title of ambassador can be a role for life. How do you value Bodytrim in your 24 hour work, rest and play cooking lifestyle? Where has Bodytrim been the biggest advantage for both of you?

Bodytrim is now a part of our life and has become our lifestyle. It’s educated us further about food, what to eat and when to eat it. There is no turning back, Bodytrim will always be a part of our lives moving forward.

Body Trim Starter Kit

4.       Do people believe that Bodytrim was part of a 20 kilo loss, do you get questions from people who have tried Bodytrim but fell off the wagon, especially when their food choices came into play.

Without Bodytrim there is no way we could have lost over 20kg between us! People ask us for advice on how to stick with it and our biggest pointer is to be organised. Preparation is key. ‘Fail to prepare, prepare to fail’.

It’s best to always know what you are going to eat for the day at the beginning of each day. We take a couple of hours a week to make 50g meat balls which are great for snacks. They’re so tasty and oh so easy to make!

Bodytrim founder and all round motivator – Geoff Jowett

5.       When you consider all the cooking shows that are now on TV globally with so many spin off opportunities available if you win, why did you go with Bodytrim?

Bodytrim was the perfect choice for us because it’s real food! We love our food, and we love our flavour and Bodytrim is teaching us how to keep the weight off for good.

6.       Now that you are more concisions about the right balance of eating healthy but not losing the excitement or taste, where to next for the two of you?

We are on track to manufacture our own sausages which will roll out across Australia. They are Bodytrim compliant and full of flavor, so be sure to keep your eyes out!

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