Mumusa multifunctional beach dress

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The innovative apparel brand Mumusa has just launched a campaign on Indiegogo, showcasing elegant, beautiful and comfortable 3 in 1 beach dress.  “I’d been looking for such a beach dress for years – something that is beautiful, comfortable, elegant and light to carry. Beach dresses that aren’t a beach wrap. A dress that you can look good in both on the beach and having a cocktail at the bar afterwards,” explains Mirjam Sitin, the founder.

Mumusa multifunctional beach dress

Mumusa multifunctional beach dress

Mumusa has all the features you look for in a perfect holiday dress: it dries quickly, does not wrinkle, stays up perfectly, suits with every body type and takes almost no space in your bag.  You can wear it in three different ways to suit the occasion and the mood. Each dress is handmade using the finest fair trade and sustainable sourced silk chiffon materials.

Mumusa multifunctional beach dress

Mumusa dress was created to solve the problems that many women face when on holiday: the suitcase filled with so many different outfits. The case is heavy and gets messy fast, having to constantly change clothes from the beach to the hotel.

Each one of Mumusa projects contributes to fulfilling most direct ocean cleanup missions. A piece of profit from each dress sold is being forwarded to the most innovative and straight forward ocean cleanup project. So each person who is buying Mumusa dress contributes directly to cleaning up our oceans.

Mumusa will be available on beginning 18th of July for 45 days. After a successful campaign the first line of dresses will go into production in September. The dresses are made from high quality silk chiffon. The elastic rubber band feels soft on your skin, doesn’t stretch out and keeps the dress up perfectly. Every dress is handmade with lots of care and love. There are different styles and colors to choose from to match your individual taste. All so you could just simply enjoy yourself and the sun.

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